Scholarly Works

"Against Cognitive Imperialism" Publication and Response

Professor Harold Roth
, director of the Contemplative Studies Initiative, gave a lecture titled "Against Cognitive Imperialism" at the Pacific School of Religion. He was interviewed on Pacifica Radio regarding the lecture and the Contemplative Studies Initiative. Professor Roth has turned this lecture into a paper published by the Journal of the Institute for World Religions. A response written by B. Alan Wallace was published along with it.

Contemplative Practices and Foreign Language Study

Professor Victoria Smith
of the Hispanic Studies Department wrote an article on the use of contemplative practices in foreign language study.


Publications of the Britton Lab for Clinical and Affective Neuroscience

Dr. Britton and The Britton Lab have published a number of articles in prestigious scientific journals. The latter often have undergraduate and graduate Research Assistants as  first authors. For a sample of these publications see the "Related Links" below.


Publications of the Kerr Lab for Translational Neuroscience

For a sample of Dr. Kerr's Research see the "Related Links" below.