The Creative Arts Council is made up of representatives from each of the arts units at Brown, plus the David Winton Bell Gallery and Rites and Reason Theatre.

Modern Culture and Media

The Center for Modern Culture and Media was established in 1987 and was granted departmental status in 1995. The new center and department combined concentrations in Art-Semiotics, Modern Literature and Society, and Semiotics to form a multi-media studies program with strong emphases on theoretical inquiry and production, inter-medial practice and comparative analysis. Film production courses were a component of the department dating to the late 1970s, when 16mm film production courses were inaugurated; in recent years, digital technology and internet culture have emerged as major areas of both theoretical and production work. Many current MCM concentrators do extensive work in production courses, which highlight both the intricate relations between image and sound production and theoretical inquiry into the circulation and interpretation of images and sounds in culture.