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Call for Mural

The Granoff Creative Arts Center is seeking students to complete a mural for the spring of 2013. The work is to be sited on the main entrance wall next to the Cohen Gallery. The dimensions of the wall vary given the status of the Cohen Gallery exhibition. For instance, the wall is twice the width when the sliding door to the gallery is closed verses when it is closed. Given this variable landscape in the building, we at the Granoff would appreciate a student work that capitalizes on this shift and presents a 2D visual work that will enliven the space.  The work should be a thin material applied to the wall - paper, vinyl, canvas, or paint directly on the surface. Any applied materials should have a maximum thickness of 1/4". Dimensions of the wall:

  • Height of wall: 15.5'
  • Width of the wall when gallery door is open: 20.4'
  • Width of the wall when gallery door is closed: 10.25' 
Installation would be scheduled for the month of January, 2013. Materials allowance: $300.

Please submit proposals to associate curator Elysian McNiff.  Proposals should include a letter of intent, sketches and up to 10 work samples. Submission deadline: Friday, November 30th at Noon.