The Perry and Marty Granoff Center for the Creative Arts advances innovative directions for research, teaching, and production across the boundaries of individual arts disciplines and among artists, scientists, and scholars.


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Martinos Auditorium

The Martinos Auditorium serves as both a performance venue for small to mid-sized musical events, and a 35mm and digital screening facility. The space is available for large classes, performances, lectures, and other special events.

Production Studios

The Granoff Center‘s four Production Studios  characterize the central goals of the Center and will facilitate entirely new possibilities for interdisciplinary work in the arts at Brown. Flexible production space of this kind will improve the level of work for both teaching and research and will enable more ambitious multi-media installations, and performance-based works.

Cohen Gallery

The Cohen Gallery presents exhibitions organized in conjunction with multi-departmental programs and course offerings, featuring thematic exhibitions, works that have evolved from coursework or research, and work by visiting artists.  

Recording Studio

The Recording Studio allows users to produce high-quality recordings, allow for sound effect recordings for multimedia and theatrical sound design, music production, and scientific inquiry. Its proximity to the Production Studios will entice artists who would not ordinarily use sound to incorporate it in their work.

Khoo Teck Puat Multimedia Lab

The Khoo Multimedia Lab contains the hardware and software solutions necessary for students to create freely and unencumbered, stretching the boundaries of art, and redefining both process and practice. Students engage in a wide variety of disciplines including, 3D modeling and animation, filmmaking, electronic music, and hypertext authoring.

Cogut Physical Media Lab

The Cogut Physical Media Lab is used for production of and research in sensors, tangible interface, robotics and physical computing, primary areas of new research and teaching in the arts.

Living Rooms

An integral component of the Center’s design, the Living Rooms are comfortable, welcoming breakout spaces located on each landing of the atrium, which will draw students and faculty from the arts and beyond, helping to foster cross-disciplinary collaborations.

Project Studios

The Granoff Center contains four project studios, small spaces designed for individual, rather than collective work.

Outdoor Amphitheater

An outdoor Amphitheater is wired for sound and video, allowing for outdoor performances, film screenings, and installations. It also offers additional green space around the Center.