Illustrations of Histology is a project by Brown Medical Student Christopher Demas.

Demas created a series of video lectures for the first-year histology curriculum, which is a foundational course that covers the organization and structure of normal tissue in the human body. Working with Assistant Dean of Medical Education Luba Dumenco, MD, and faculty course leaders of histology Joyce Ou, MD, Ph.D. and L. Corey Hanley, MD, Demas created lectures by incorporating his own illustrations of biological tissue. The lectures are designed to help provide a condensed but detailed explanation of histology to medical students, allowing them to quickly review material they are covering in the course.

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Demas started each lecture by creating a poster-sized pencil drawing which helped him plan what he wanted to cover for each topic. He then wrote a detailed script for each video. Using the Multimedia Labs' animation workstations that include an overhead camera and lights, he recorded himself as he drew over the original pencil drawing with ink and color. After filming, he sped up the video and added a voiceover as well as inlays of actual medical images to help describe the various structures and how they function.


Faculty comments

“These videos are a great supplement to the typical lecture format, providing on-demand, bite-sized review of the lecture materials. Alternatively, they can be used as a quick introductory overview to help orient students to the materials before attending lecture. They also help to actively integrate the microscopic characteristics of each organ with the gross anatomy. These videos have been a welcome addition to the first year medical school curriculum, and we really appreciate both Chris's skills and the resources at Brown's MML that helped make this happen!”

Dr. Joyce Ou and Dr. L. Corey Hanley, Co-directors BIOL 3643 IMS-I: Human Histology