Mobile Devices are democratizing moviemaking by lowering barriers to entry, enabling students to become full-fledged members of the film industry virtually overnight. Following Brown’s interdisciplinary and comparative approach to the Humanities, this course investigated messaging across cultural and linguistic boundaries made possible by the universality of digital media.

The first course of its kind, “Introduction to Iphone Moviemaking” provided the basic tools, concepts, and training for students to create and distribute no- and low-budget live-action motion pictures with professional production values utilizing only their smartphones and tablet computers.  Students learned how and why various image-capture technologies can be applied for global distribution of motion pictures according to genre. They also acquired the skills to plan, capture, and edit short motion pictures through hands-on instruction and personal experimentation with low-cost mobile accessories and apps.


Academic Technology at Brown provided support and equipment:
iPhone camera accessories including lenses, stabilizers, dollies, directional microphones; iOS apps like FilMicPro, iMovie, Chromic and Adobe Premiere Clip. Academic Technology staff also help set up an Apple TV and 3D television for class use. The instructor and students used the AppleTV to mirror their device screen to the classroom display. 


The ability to mirror a mobile device screen affected both student activity and instructional strategies. Because students knew they could share their in-progress assignments with the class and receive immediate feedback, the instructor reported that the quality of student work increased. Likewise, the instructor was able to use the Apple TV and his iPhone to model and visualize proper shooting angles and recording techniques to the entire class.