This project concerns the use of virtual reality technology to enhance the research of an archeological dig located in Sudan. Since researchers were only on site for three weeks out of the year, advanced scans and images were taken of the site in order to assist future study. Professor Bestock collaborated with CCV’s YURT team to construct a 3D model of the dig site. Professor Bestock was particularly interested in using the model to better study the stages of construction at the site.


The YURT, Brown University's state of the art virtual reality theater that supports teaching and research projects. 


Professor Bestock’s graduate students collaborated with Tom Sgouros and his assistants to merge images and telemetry data into a YURT ready 3D model.



Professor Bestock was able to draw conclusions on the nature of the site within minutes of walking into the YURT simulation. Having a life size recreation of the site allowed for investigation of site with colleagues, students, and researchers  who would otherwise be unable to view the site in person.


The finished model possesses some errors resulting in a blinking effect that can be jarring to some viewers. Attempts are being made to address these issues in future models.


The YURT simulation has provided insights that were previously only possible in the field. This not only provides researchers with more time “on site”, it also allows others from outside the core research team to view, investigate, and collaborate on the project.