Is there a tool available to help me to plan my course based on desired student learning outcomes?

The Create & Teach page is designed to help instructors develop and evaluate their courses based upon learning outcomes. 

How can I assess or evaluate learning outcomes?

The Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning helps instructors develop and assess learning outcomes for courses. 

What technology options are available to help my students meet course learning goals?

The Tools & Spaces page outlines a collection of technology options available to instructors to enhance learning activities. Instructors interested in using technology in their course are encouraged submit a request using the Get Help form at the top of this page. 

How can I assess or evaluate digital projects?

Resources related to assessing student work can be found on this page within the Create & Teach section.

Where can I see examples of digital teaching and learning projects?

The Explore page provides examples of digital teaching and learning at Brown.

What digitally-enabled teaching and learning spaces are available for my classes or project?

The Tools & Spaces page lists different kinds of technology-enhanced classrooms: Specialized Classrooms, Media Labs & Makerspaces/Fabrication Studios

What professional development opportunities are available to faculty members interested in digital teaching and learning?

View the talks, workshops, courses, and conferences on the Digital Teaching & Learning Events page.

Can I get access to Canvas and course reserves if I am not on the Brown campus?

 Canvas sites and course materials are accessible from anywhere. You do not need to be on Brown campus.

How do I get help designing an online course?

Use the Get Help button to request a consultation with the School of Professional Studies. SPS staff help instructor develop and teach online courses at Brown.

Who can help me with technology that’s already in the classroom?

For questions regarding installed classroom technology, call (401) 863-3600 or email [email protected].

Who will videotape my course lectures so that they can be shared with all students in the class?

The Media Services team will record course lectures upon request. Interested instructors should complete and  submit this form to request recording services.

What are some recent research results about teaching and learning?

Find information about Teaching and Learning Reseach under the Create and Teach section of this site

Are there any UTRAs for students who want to help design or conduct research about online courses?

See this page for more information about how to submit an application for a technology-related UTRA project.

Can graduate students teach online?

Yes, use the Get Help button to request a consult with the School of Professional Studies to discuss opportunities developing and teaching online courses at Brown.

Are there any workshops I can take to learn about online teaching?

Yes! FLO: Facilitating Learning Online is a three-week fully online course offered by the Instructional Design Team at Brown’s School of Professional Studies. In FLO, Brown faculty, TAs, and staff learn first-hand what it's like to be an online learner from the student perspective, and participate in an asynchronous online course before developing or facilitating one of their own. View other recommended digital teaching & learning workshops, courses, talks, and conferences on this site’s Events page.