Courses Supported by Program in Early Cultures

The Program in Early Cultures offers funding to Brown University faculty members for developing or enhancing courses relevant to the study of antiquity.  The following is a list of recent and upcoming courses that have been supported by grants from PEC:

Fall 2019: 

HIAA 0063  Food and Art in the Early Modern World [CRN 17450]
Instructor: Holly Shaffer
Course Description: "Taste” is the sensory perception of flavor and the act of judging aesthetic quality. This class asks how the taste for food and for art relate in the early modern world. From the movement of spices, scents, chocolate, and sugar to the vessels that were invented to contain them, we will investigate the trade and circulation of foods and objects. We will then turn to cities that flourished in the wake of such consumption across the globe and their dedication to pleasure and devotion. Finally, we will consider memory and migration through cookbooks, metaphors, and dinner parties.
PEC Supported Activity: Funds provided to support a visit and public lecture by artist Michael Rakowitz on Tuesday November 12, 2019 at 5:30 pm.

Spring 2019: 

CLAS 1120Z  Literature of Empires [CRN 24939]
Instructors: Tamara Chin and Joseph Reed
Course Description: This course compares and contrasts the literatures of the ancient empires of East and West Asia (including the Mediterranean), with an emphasis on Chinese and Greco-Roman cultures. We will explore the literary discourses that grew up in support of and in opposition to imperialism and colonization; specific topics may include how empires use mythology, how tensions between centers and peripheries create imperial identities, how an empire assimilates a multiethnic past, the constitution of archives, and what “classic” means to different audiences. All readings will be in English.
PEC Supported Activity: Funding provided to underwrite an on-campus lecture by Professor Daniel Selden (UCSC), "World Literature, and Its Discontents," on April 16, 2019.

Spring 2018:

ANTH 1030  Pre-Columbian Art and Architecture: A World That Matters   [CRN 25326]
Instructor: Stephen Houston
Course Description: Survey of ancient art and building in ancient America, with a focus on Mexico, Central America, and the Andes. Underlying concepts include: meaning and method, cosmos and kingship, narrative and symbol, personality and authorship, empire and royal court. Rich collections of the Haffenreffer museum will form the focus of work in the class.
PEC Supported Activity: Funding provided to allow students in the course to travel to the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York City, to view an exhibit of Pre-Columbian art.

Other Courses of Interest:

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