Grant and Funding Opportunities

Important Update Regarding PEC Grants and COVID-19: The Program in Early Cultures is presently accepting funding requests for the academic year 2021-22.  Our current deadline is Nov. 1.  Please keep in mind that PEC accepts requests twice yearly: spring and fall. Requests for travel funds must be accompanied by approval from the University's travel committee.  Additionally, we welcome proposals for other kinds of support, such as: online course instruction, language learning or tutoring, purchase of books, software, or other equipment needed for your research. 

The Program in Early Cultures announces funding opportunities for graduate students, post-docs, and faculty. Faculty are encouraged to apply and to let students know about these available resources. Fall applications are due Nov. 1. 

Ad Hoc Grants for Students
- Intended to support work undertaken during the winter recess, or unexpected needs arising during the academic year.
- Grants typically range from $300-$500
- Requests for more significant funding will be considered, particularly those directed toward organizing and hosting relevant workshops or conferences.

Funding for Faculty and Post-Docs
- Intended to support relevant projects and events, including course-related programming, conference support, and graduate course development.
- PEC will also consider larger proposals for programming developed by two or more faculty from different units, for one semester or a full year, to run a larger scale, theme-related program involving regular seminars, speakers, small or large conference support, special events support, performances, exhibits. In such a situation, in addition to funding, faculty directors may request course relief.

To apply:
Please send the following items by November 1 via email to [email protected]:
- A short descriptive paragraph
- A summary budget
- A note of support from your advisor (students only)
- A c.v. (post-docs and students only)
- A copy of approval by the University’s Travel Committee, if applying for travel assistance.

Questions? Contact [email protected] for additional information and assistance completing your application.


For further information, please contact Anne Heyrman-Hart, Program in Early Cultures Administrative Coordinator.