For Graduate Students

Ad Hoc Grants for Graduate Students

Grants made by the Program in Early Cultures to graduate students are normally top-up funds, intended to supplement other sources of support. PEC grant amounts normally range from approximately $300 to $500. Requests for larger amounts will be considered, particularly in the case of support for organizing and hosting relevant workshops. Applications will be considered twice a year. Apply by April 15, 2019 or November 1, 2019.

Examples of projects for which PEC may offer graduate support include:

  • Workshops or Conferences*
  • Reading group support
  • Travel to conferences, if delivering a paper (after other options, including Graduate School and department funding, have been explored or exhausted)
  • Travel to archives or onsite research
  • Summer assistance for purposes such as: language courses, travel related to research, exam preparation, and dissertation work​

*Requests for more significant funding support will be considered.

Recent Grantees:

  • Rachel E. Kalisher (Archaeology and Ancient World) to purchase monkey skeletons for research
  • Evan I. Levine (Archaeology and the Ancient World) to excavate in Uronarti
  • Daniel Plekhov (Archaeology and Ancient World) to purchase instruments necessary for phytolith analysis
  • Miriam A. Rothenberg (Archaeology and the Ancient World) to excavate in Uronarti
  • Anna E. Soifer (Archaeology and the Ancient World) to excavate in Uronarti
  • Martin Uildriks (Archaeology and Ancient World) to excavate in Sudan

Summer Top-Up Grants for Graduate Students

PEC Summer Top-Up Grants range between $500-$1000. Applications are due by April 15, 2019.

To view previous recipients of Summer Top-Up Grants, click here.

To Apply:

Please send the following items via email to [email protected]:

  • A short descriptive paragraph
  • A summary budget
  • A note of support from your advisor