2018 Graduate Student Summer Top-up Grants

Mark Agostini (Anthropology) to work on ancestral Tewa ceramics at the Archaeological Research Center at UC-Santa Cruz

Christopher Ell (Classics) to work in major European museums on the material evidence for Greek, Etruscan, and Levantine symposia

Sam Goldstein (Religious Studies) to work at Fudan University’s Excavated Text and Paleography Research Center in Shanghai, China

Ella Grunberger-Kirsh (Classics) to attend the papyrology course at the University of Oslo

Julia Hurley (Archaeology and the Ancient World) for archaeological work in England, France, and Sardini

Avichai Kapach (Classics) to attend the Thouria Excavation conducted by the Hellenic Education and Research Center in Greece

Robert Kashow (Religious Studies) to work in the archives at the British Museum in London, to assist at the archaeological dig at Tel Azekah in Israel, and to present a paper at the International SBL meeting in Helsinki

Sherry Pan (Religious Studies) to attend the Japanese course at the International Christian University in Tokyo, and to present a paper at the International Conference on Daoist Studies at Beijing Normal University in Beijing

Michael Payne (Religious Studies) to work in the Arabic, Persian, and Syriac materials at the UC-Berkeley library for dissertation on discourses of race, heresy, and empire in the formation of Twelver Shi'ism

Daniel Plekhov (Archaeology and the Ancient World) for archaeological work in the Chachapoyas region of northeastern Peru

Adrien Stoloff (Religious Studies) to present a paper at the 12th International Conference on Daoist Studies at Beijing Normal University, as well as to attend the workshop at Renmin University and to work with scholars at Peking University, in Beijing

Vicky Almansa Villatoro (Egyptology) to work on Old Kingdom papyri at the Brooklyn Museum

Tanner Walker (Religious Studies) to prepare for preliminary exams in ancient Israelite and Mesopotamian religions (Sumerian, Assyrian, Babylonian and others), with a view towards a dissertation providing a cross-cultural study of human-animal relations

Soyoung You (Religious Studies) to present a paper at the international conference on “Zhu Xi and Zhu Xi Studies” at Trier University in Germany