2021 Graduate Student Summer Top-up Grants

Paul Aste (History) to attend the Mediterranean Studies Summer Skills Seminar on “Introduction to the Archive of the Crown of Aragon (documents in Latin to ca. 1350),” to be held via Zoom through the University of Colorado Boulder on May 17–20, 2021

Mikail Berg (Religious Studies) to study the Syriac language at the intermediate level during the summer of 2021

Sarah Christensen (History) to purchase books

Christopher Ell (Classics) to conduct experimental archaeology as a part of his dissertation research

Tali Hershkovitz (Religious Studies) to purchase books to prepare for exams

Rachel Kalisher (Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World) to purchase a macro lens and associated accessories for her digital SLR camera to photograph burial sites

Kuan-hung Liu (History of Art and Architecture) to purchase some references for classical Japanese writings, artists’ colophons and seals, and artists’ courtesy names

Sara Mohr (Egyptology and Assyriology) for dissertation research
Avery Morrow (Religious Studies) to participate in specialized group reading and collaborative research online with Japanese scholars of note

Sherry Pan (Religious Studies) to cover the expense of book purchases, including both primary and secondary materials, and the expense of software and electronic devices required for my research

Michaela Prostak (Religious Studies) to support the purchase of books related to my research

Joshua Schnell (Anthropology) to pay various lab fees and purchase necessary equipment for his research

Isabel Farias Velasco (Comparative Literature) to support her advanced intensive study of Nahuatl this summer at the University of Utah

Bethany Whitlock (Anthropology) to fund two Spanish lessons per week over the 16 weeks of the summer through an online tutoring service

Christopher Yang (Religious Studies) to purchase Chinese-language materials for dissertation research