2021 Graduate Student Summer Top-up Grants

Paul Aste – History
Attended the June 2021 Mediterranean Seminar summer course, "Introduction to the Archive of the Crown of Aragon (documents in Latin to ca. 1350)."

Mikhail Berg – Religious Studies
Participated in intermediate Syriac language study through Beth Mardutho: the Syriac Studies Institute.

Sarah Christensen – History
Purchased books for preliminary exams.

Isabel Far as Velasco – Comparative Literature
Attended intensive Nahuatl language course taught by the University of Utah (Language and Culture Program) and the Instituto de Docencia e Investigaci n Entol gica de Zacatecas

Rachel Kalisher – Archaeology and the Ancient World
Purchased camera equipment for high-quality photos of research samples.

Kuan-hung Liu – History of Art and Architecture
Purchased Japanese books and references for dissertation research.

Sarah Mohr – Egyptology and Assyriology
Paid for the images of cuneiform tablets from the British Museum.

Michaela Leah Prostak – Religious Studies
Purchased books for current research and preliminary exams.

Joshua Schnell – Anthropology
Travel assistance for data collection during the month of August at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, FL.

Bethany Whitlock – Anthropology
Paid for oral/written Spanish classes

Christopher Yang – Religious Studies
Purchased texts for preliminary exams