PEC Newsletters

Spring 2022 Newsletter

In this issue: Interview with Prof. John Steele (Egyptology and Assyriology), on his new publication:  Efrosyni Boutsikas, Stephen C. McCluskey, John Steele (eds.), Advancing Cultural Astronomy: studies in honour of Clive Ruggles. Springer Publishing, 2021; Interview with Prof. Brian Lander (History) on his new publication: The King’s Harvest: A Political Ecology of China from the First Farmers to the First Empire. Yale University Press, 2021;


May 2021 Newsletter

In this issue: John Bodel (Classics, History) and Stephen Houston (Anthropology, Social Sciences, History of Art and Architecture) discuss their forthcoming Cambridge University Press volume (The Hidden Language of Graphic Signs:
Cryptic Writing and Meaningful Marks), tracing its origins to their term as co-directors of the Program in Early Cultures from 2009-2017; Parker VanValkenburgh (Anthropology) speaks about his new book Alluvium and Empire: The Archaeology of Colonial Resettlement and Indigenous Persistence on Peru's North Coast; Avery Morrow (PhD Student, Religious Studies) reviews Imaishi Migiwa, ed. Umi o watatta inau: Ainu to Wajin no bunka kōshōshi no kenkyū and Elizabeth (Liza) Davis
(PhD Student, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World) reviews Archaeology and the Letters of Paul​. Finally, we congratulate William S. Monroe, Senior Academic Engagement Librarian at Brown, who successfully defended his dissertation and officially received his PhD in History from Columbia University, and Saul Olyan (Judaic Studies, Religious Studies) who has been honored with a Festschrift. 

April 2021 Newsletter 

In this issue: Stacey Murrell (PhD Candidate, Department of History) discusses her work as a Fulbright Scholar in Madrid during the Covid-19 pandemic, Sarah Christensen (PhD Student, Department of History) reviews Human Trafficking in Medieval Europe by Christopher Paolella, Jonathan Price (PhD Student, Department of Egyptology and Assyriology) reviews Eleanor Robson's Ancient Knowledge Networks: A Social Geography of Cuneiform Scholarship in First-Millennium Assyria and Babylonia, and Jason Protass (Religious Studies) reviews Dunhuang Manuscripts: An Introduction to Texts from the Silk Road by Hao Chunwen, trans. Stephen Teiser. Further, we celebrate accomplishments by Laurel Bestock (Egyptology and Assyriology, JIAAW) and Sheila Bonde (History of Art and Architecture) who are featured in the newest issue of the Brown Alumni Magazine, and congratulate Parker VanValkenburgh (Anthropology) who is the recipient of the William G. McLoughlin Award for Excellence in Teaching in the Social Sciences this year.

March 2021 Newsletter

In this issue: Christelle Alvarez (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Egyptology & Assyriology) walks readers through her scholarly research, Jae Hee Han (Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, Assistant Professor of Judaic Studies) tells us about his class, "Defense Against the Dark Arts," Jeffrey Moser (Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture) describes the guided discussion he led, hosted by the Sheridan Center for Teaching and Learning and RISD Museum of Art on teaching with objects; Spring Reading Notes from Mark R. Agostini (PhD Candidate, Department of Anthropology) and Meaghan Carley (PhD Candidate, Department of Classics); Congratulations to Classics Ph.D. student Kelly Nguyen '21, Alani Hicks-Bartlett (Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and French Studies), and Jeffrey Moser (Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture) for their recent, extraordinary accomplishments.

February 2021 Newsletter

In this issue: Laurel Bestock (Associate Professor of Archaeology and Egyptology and Acting Director, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World) discusses her new digital publishing project, Srinivas Reddy (Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies and Affiliated Faculty, Contemplative Studies and the Center for Contemporary South Asia) tells readers about his new book, Kuan-Hung Liu (PhD Student, History of Art and Architecture) on the exhibit he curated at RISD Museum, Asian Art Gallery.

November 2020 Newsletter

In this issue: Gina Borromeo and Alexandra Poterack (RISD Museum) and Robert Preucel (Haffenreffer Museum) discuss the state of museums during pandemic time, a fall reading note by Max Peers (PhD Student, Archaeology and the Study of the Ancient World).

October 2020 Newsletter

In this issue: Tyler Franconi (Visiting Assistant Professor of Archaeology) shares notes about teaching ARCH 1765, "Pandemics, Pathogens, and Plagues in the Greek and Roman Worlds" in pandemic time, Jeffrey Moser (Associate Professor, History of Art and Architecture) shares a report about leading the 1st and 2nd-year PhD cohorts in the History of Art and Architecture on a ten-day trip to Hangzhou and Shanghai, in pre-pandemic China, fall reading notes from Alejandra Roche Recinos (PhD Student, Anthropology), Baoli Yang (PhD Student, Comparative Literature); news from our community.

May 2020 Newsletter

In this issue: An interview with Gretel Rodriguez (Assistant Professor, History of Art and Architecture); spring reading notes from Margaret Geoga (PhD Student, Egyptology & Assyriology), Christopher Yang (PhD Student, Department of Religious Studies), Jonathan Conant (Associate Professor of History and Classics); news from our community, an invitation to suggest events and workshops for the 2020-2021 academic year.

April 2020 Newsletter

In this issue: An interview with Sam Caldis (Academic Affairs Specialist within Brown University's Graduate School/2019 PhD in Ancient History at Brown), book notes by Tali Hershkovitz (PhD Student, Religious Studies), Peter van Dommelen (Director, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World), news from our community, the Early Cultures brochure.

March 2020 Newsletter

In this issue: Mariajosé Rodriguez-Pliego (Graduate Student, Comparative Literature) writes about her research at the Nahuatl Language and Culture Program at the University of Utah, photos from the Introduction to Phytoliths Workshop, we ask Jeffrey C. Moser (History of Art and Architecture) about teaching medieval East Asia to students without any specific background, and an interview with Lawrence Willis (Visiting Professor of Religious Studies and Judaic Studies).

February 2020 Newsletter 

In this issue: Aurore Motte (Postdoctoral Research Associate, Egyptology and Assyriology) shares a report about her fieldwork in Egypt, a spotlight on the Brown Late Antiquity Group, new books by our faculty, a spotlight on Fall 2019 Course ARCH 0303 tiny: Miniature Might and Meaning, taught by Felipe Rojas (Associate Professor of Archaeology and the Ancient World and Egyptology and Assyriology).