Stephen Houston

Dupee Family Professor of Social Science

[email protected]

Areas of Interest
Royal courts, writing systems, emotions, ontology, concepts of materials, ancient imagery and representation, text-picture relations, lidar and settlement, epigraphy, decipherment


Stephen Houston's research interests include archaeology; kingship and court systems; body concepts in antiquity; writing systems; epigraphy and decipherment; architecture and urbanism; Classic Maya; South America; Europe. He is concluding excavations at the Classic Maya city of El Zotz, Guatemala, and has finished five seasons of work at the ruins of Piedras Negras, Guatemala.

Born 1958, in Chambersburg, PA, Houston was educated at the University of Pennsylvania, A.B. (1980, the University of Edinburgh (Exchange student), and Yale University (M.Phil., 1983, Ph. D., 1987). Prior to Brown, he served as Jesse Knight University Professor at Brigham Young University.