Thematic Reading and Discussion Groups

Faculty and graduate students at Brown University frequently convene discussion groups around topics of mutual interest. Fasti Online Networking in Ancient World Some of these groups are finite in duration, focused around a particular conference or event, while others may continue for years or even decades. Currently, the Brown campus is host to the following groups meeting to read and discuss topics relevant to early cultures:

  • Classics and Political Theory
    Contact [email protected]
  • Digital Archaeology Group
    The Brown Digital Archaeology Group (DAG) wants to bring people together who are working or are interested in working with computer applications in archaeology and want to discuss all things related to the digital side of archaeology. DAG organizes hands-on courses, discussion of articles, critically approaching the use of computer applications for archaeological research, exploring software and hardware, and ongoing research.
    Contact [email protected] and Parker VanValkenburgh
  • East Asian Colloquium
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The Program in Early Cultures asks scholars who know of additional relevant groups meeting on campus to bring these to our attention by sending a message to [email protected].

Cultures and Religions of the Ancient Mediterranean (CRAM)

The goal of the Cultures and Religions in the Ancient Mediterranean Colloquium is to promote high-level, interdisciplinary dialogue among faculty and graduate students who deal with religion and culture in antiquity in the Mediterranean basin and west Asia, all rather loosely defined.