Digital Scholarship Studio and Lab

Sheila Bonde at DSL, March 2013
Sheila Bonde

Brown University's Digital Scholarship Lab, created in 2012, is based on the main floor of the Rockefeller Library. Its staff welcomes faculty and students to use the many resources in creative, collaborative ways to enhance their research. The lab includes a large-scale (7'x16'), high-resolution video wall comprising twelve 55-inch high-resolution LED screens, for viewing high resolution images in great detail, or viewing many images side-by-side for comparison. For example, Sheila Bonde gave a presentation on "Re-presenting the Past” at the DSL, in which she used the screens to discuss the challenges of representing the past through the lens of archaeological work at the French medieval monasteries of Saint-Jean-des-Vignes in Soissons and Notre Dame d’Ourscamp. The video wall's display is also a key component in one of Brown's first online courses, "Archaeology's Dirty Little Secrets," taught by Susan Alcock.

The DSL is now part of the Sidney E. Frank Digital Studio, which was created in 2016 as an intellectual hub for digitally enhanced scholarship, and encompasses a variety of flexible workspaces and meeting rooms.  In addition to a seminar room, consulting room, and multiple work stations, the studio contains a 3D printerPrint of a mummified ibis skeleton, 3D scanner, large-format plotter printer, and a fully equipped, soundproof audio/video recording studio. The Digital Studio also hosts workshops and special events throughout the year.  For example, a recent exhibit of 3D prints completed in the Studio featured multiple items from the collections of the Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, including a full-size print of an ancient Egyptian ibis mummy and a Roman coin magnified by a factor of five, to facilitate a more detailed examination of its surface and to allow students to handle the coin without fear of damaging an ancient artifact.