Current Courses

FALL 2018


ENGL 0100C | Altered States, R. Rambuss
ENGL0150Z | Hamlet Post-Hamlet (first-year seminar), K. Newman

French Studies

FREN 100 | Littérature et culture: Chevaliers, sorcières, philosophes, et poètes, V. Krause


HIST 1956J | Making Meaning: Extracting Knowledge from Matter in Early Modern Europe, T. Nummedal
HIST 1266C | English History, 1529–1660, T. Harris
HIST 1964F | Early Modern Ireland, T. Harris

History of Art and Architecture

HIAA 0550 | Gold, Wool and Stone: Painters and Bankers in Renaissance Tuscany, E. Lincoln
HIAA 1560E | The Arts of Renaissance Courts, E. Lincoln
HIAA 1600B | Caravaggio, J. Muller

Italian Studies

ITAL 1010 | Dante in English Translation: Dante's World and the Invention of Modernity, R. Martinez
ITAL 1610 | The Divina Commedia: Inferno and Purgatorio, R. Martinez


MUSC 1500A | Major Masters and Repertoires of Music: Bach, L. F. Jodry

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

POBS 0910 | On the Dawn of Modernity (first-year seminar), O. Almeida

Spring 2019


CLAS 0855 | The Bhagavad Gītā, D. Buchta


FREN 1040B | Pouvoirs de la scène: Le théâtre du XVIIe siècle, L. Seifert


HIST 1216 | The Paradox of Early Modern Europe, T. Nummedal
HIST 1266D | British History, 1660–1800, T. Harris
HIST 1954J | The History of the Book in the Americas and Beyond, N. Safier
HIST 1964B | The Enchanted World: Magic, Angels, and Demons in Early Modern Europe, T. Nummedal
HIST 1964D | Women in Early Modern England, T. Harris

History of Art and Architecture

HIAA 0023 | The Arts of India, H. Shaffer
HIAA 0630 | Cultural History of the Netherlands in a Golden Age and a Global Age, J. Muller/H. Cook