Faculty and Associate Members

The Center for the Study of the Early Modern World advances collaborative research and curricular innovation in and around the humanities. Please feel free to contact the Director of the Center with any inquiry you may have about affiliation with the Center, programming, and course cross-listing. 

  • Professor of Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

    Philosophy, Intellectual History, History of Science, Modernity

  • Aga Khan Professor of Islamic Humanities, Religious Studies

    Religious Studies, Middle East Studies Central Asia, Iran, Middle East, South Asia

  • Associate Professor of Hispanic Studies and History of Art and Architecture, Chair of Hispanic Studies

    HISPANIC LITERATURE AND CULTURE, history, art history, Miguel de Cervantes, Luis de Góngora, Diego Velázquez, El Greco, Fashion and Fiction, Poetry and Poetics, Urbanism and empire

  • Chen Family Professor of China Studies, Professor of History, Professor of East Asian Studies, Chair of East Asian Studies

    book culture, East Asia, Imperial China, late imperial China , Ming , print culture, Qing, woodblock publishing

  • Postdoctoral Research Associate in Italian Studies and Center for Digital Scholarship

    digital scholarship and publication, the representation of art in Medieval and Early Modern literature, critical theory and the representation of race and gender in Medieval and Early Modern visual culture, urban environment and spatial politics, relationships between literature, media, and technology

  • Lecturer in Classics

    Late Medieval and Early Modern Religious Literature, India

  • Professor of Italian Studies, Professor of History

    political history in Italy and Europe between 1500 and 1800, microhistory, history of women and gender, popular culture, law courts and legal culture in early modern Italy and Europe

  • Assistant Professor of East Asian Studies

    history of technology, late imperial Chinese literature, material culture

  • John F. Nickoll Professor of History

    Early Modern Europe, Dutch Republic, science, medicine, commerce translation

  • Professor of English

  • Associate Professor of Anthropology

    drugs, language, Latin America, linguistics, Mexico, mushrooms, music, salvia, singing, species ethnography

  • Associate Professor of English, Associate Professor of Comparative Literature

    European renaissance culture and letters, classical traditions, literary theory, literary form, aesthetics

  • Research Associate in Latin American and Caribbean Studies

    Digital Humanities, Books and Material Culture in the Americas, Early-Modern Iconography and Iconology, Emblem Studies, Jesuit Image Theory, Renaissance Hieroglyphs, Cultural History.

  • Associate Professor of Classics

    Athens, Drama, Greece, literary biography, performance, theatre, tragedy

  • Munro, Goodwin, Wilkinson Professor of European History

    Early modern england, scotland, and ireland, social history of politics, history of ideas

  • Assistant Professor of History


  • Assistant Professor of Comparative Literature and French Studies

    Medieval and Early Modern Literature and Philosophy; Classical Traditions; Disability Studies; Women, Gender, and Sexuality Studies; Digital Humanities

  • Senior Lecturer in Music

    early music, organ, harpsichord, Brown University Chorus, Boston Camerata, Schola Cantorum of Boston

  • Professor Emerita of English

    Shakespeare, feminism, gender

  • Professor of French Studies

    Early Modern France, witchcraft, history of the novel

  • Professor Emerita of History of Art and Architecture, History of Art & Architecture

    visual culture of Britain and the Atlantic World in the 18th and 19th centuries.

  • Associate Professor of English

    early modern literature, selfhood, political imagination

  • Director of the Center for the Study of the Early Modern World, John Rowe Workman Distinguished Professor of Classics and Humanities, Professor of Classics, Professor of Hispanic Studies

    Renaissance Latin humanism and history of scholarship, education and intellectual history in colonial Spanish America, humanist learning and Nahua ethnohistory in post-conquest Mexico

  • Visiting Senior Researcher: Acting Curator of European Books at the John Carter Brown Library

    New World Historiography , Book History , Neo-Latin texts related to the New World , Jesuit missions in the Americas

  • Digital Scholarship Editor, Adjunct Assistant Professor of Italian Studies


  • Professor of History of Art and Architecture, Professor of Italian Studies

    history of science, Italian art, Italian studies, Mediterranean studies, Renaissance studies, history of the book, book illustration, early modern art history, food

  • George S. Parker II ’51 Curator of Maps and Prints at the John Carter Brown Library

    historical cartography and historical geography; historical methods; early modern French colonial history; plantation slavery; commodities and consumption; and the early modern Caribbean

  • Professor of Italian Studies

    Dante, Trecento literature, Renaissance drama, cultural history

  • Professor of Comparative Literature, Professor of Hispanic Studies

    16th-century New World historiography, the baroque, 17th-century women's writing in Spanish, English, and French, contemporary North and South American literatures, Latin American existentialism

  • Senior Scholarly Resources Librarian, Humanities

    church history, legal history, manuscript studies, early printing

  • Visiting Assistant Professor of Hispanic Studies

    History of Science and Medicine, Colonial Latin America, Early Modern Iberian World, Indigenous Studies, Animal Studies, Nahua Ethnohistory

  • Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture

    art history, China , East Asia, hermeneutics, Intellectual History, material culture, Ritual, Song-Yuan era

  • Professor of French Studies and Comparative Literature

    Enlightenment Literature and Philosophy, Literature of the French and Haitian Revolution, Orientalism in the 18th Century, Emigration, Migrations, and Exile

  • Associate Professor of Comparative Literature, Associate Professor of History

    Encyclopedism, book culture, intellectual history, vernaculars, Islamic world, Classical Arabic

  • Professor of History of Art and Architecture

    Flemish renaissance and baroque art, Peter Paul Rubens, counter reformation art and society, the Jesuit global strategy of accommodation

  • Assistant Professor of History

    early colonial Andes, Mediterranean and Andean ideas of kingship and sexuality, comparative indigenous histories in the New World

  • Owen F. Walker '33 Professor Emerita of Humanities, Professor Emerita of Comparative Literature, Professor Emerita of English

    Shakespeare, comparative early modern letters and cultures

  • Professor of History, Professor of Italian Studies

    science and medicine, alchemy, holy roman empire, gender, the body, religion, history of the book, digital publication

  • Professor Emeritus of Classics

    Virgil, pastoral poetry, Classics, Latin literature, Republican and Augustan Rome, elegy, epic

  • Professor of English

    literature and culture of the long 18th century, satire, war trauma and literature, early modern women's writing

  • FOLGER LIBRARY REPRESENTATIVE, Nicholas Brown Professor of Oratory and Belles Lettres, Professor of English

    16th- and 17th-century English literature and culture, Milton, Shakespeare, Spenser, the metaphysical poets, devotional texts and images, the baroque

  • Professor of Classics, Professor of Comparative Literature

    Ancient Greek and Roman literature and culture, Hellenistic and Augustan poetry, poetic representation of cultural identity, myth and cult of Adonis

  • Royce Family Professor of Teaching Excellence, Professor of Italian Studies

    Boccaccio’s narrative work, Pico della Mirandola, information technology, digital humanities, virtual realism in the 18th and 19th centuries

  • Associate Professor of Archaeology, Joukowsky Institute for Archaeology and the Ancient World, Department of Egyptology and Assyriology

    Archaeology, Antiquarianism, Anatolia and the Levant, Comparative Intellectual History

  • Associate Professor of History

    environmental and ethnographic history, the Amazon River basin, the Atlantic world, age of revolutions

  • Professor of Religious Studies and East Asian Studies

    Buddhism, Edo, Fuji shinkō, history, Italy--Rome, Japan, Mt. Fuji, Neo-Confucianism, new religions, popular religion, religion, Shingaku, Shugendō, Tokugawa

  • Assistant Professor of English

    law and literature, queer theory, and history of sexuality

  • Professor of French Studies

    early modern France, gender and sexuality studies, libertinage, folk narrative, environmental humanities

  • Assistant Professor of History of Art and Architecture

    18th- and 19th-century art and architecture in South Asia and Britain, Pune (india) in the 18th century, print in the 19th century, ephemeral arts in the northern Indian region of Awadh, 19th-century European representations of India


  • Professor of History, Professor of Judaic Studies

    early modern Jewish history, economic history, history of hasidism