Coppélia Kahn

Professor Emerita of English

Research Interests



Coppélia Kahn is the author of Man’s Estate: Masculine Identity in Shakespeare (University of California Press, 1981) and Roman Shakespeare: Warriors, Wounds, and Women (Routledge, 1997). She has published articles on Shakespeare’s plays and poems, and on gender theory, Freud, Jacobean drama, and questions of race and nation in twentieth-century constructions of Shakespeare. She is co-editor of Representing Shakespeare: New Psychoanalytic Essays (Johns Hopkins University Press, 1980); Shakespeare’s Rough Magic: Essays in Honor of C.L. Barber (University of Delaware Press, 1985); Making A Difference: Feminist Literary Criticism (Routledge, 1985); and Changing Subjects: The Making of Feminist Literary Criticism (Routledge, 1993). Her current research concerns the creation of Shakespeare as a cultural icon in the nineteenth and early twentieth centuries in discourses of race and empire. In 2009, she was president of the Shakespeare Association of America.