The Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences Colloquia Series is generally presented every Thursday afternoon at 4 pm in MacMillan 115 during the academic year unless otherwise noted. Leading scientists from a variety of research institutions make up the pool of our special guest speakers. These sessions are open to the public.

Fall 2021 Colloquia

Please check back frequently. As titles are confirmed, this site will be updated. 

September 9: Introduction to DEEPS Research Groups

September 16: Sarah Aarons, UC San Diego/Scripps "Determining the role of dust in climate stability: Insights from the paleoclimate record & modern ecosystems" 

September 23: Geophysical Postdoctoral Researchers: 
Josh Russell "Rift-to-drift: Uncovering the dynamics of Pangea breakup and opening of the Atlantic Basin"
Eva Golos "Insights into lithospheric structure and mantle melting benearth the Colorado Plateau from converted wave imaging"
Shanna Chu "Can fault geometry tell us where earthquakes will be most damaging?"

September 30: Anne Pommier, Carnegie Inst. "Experimental investigation of planetary interiors using electrical measurements"

October 4: Special Monday Colloquium: Esteban Gazel, Cornell Univ. "Sampling the volatile-rich transition zone below Bermuda"

October 7: Terry Plank, Columbia University "At the speed of volcanic eruptions"

October 14: Sean Crowe, Univ. of British Columbia "Earth surface oxidation, seawater sulfate, and methane greenhouse climates from the Archean to the Mesozoic"

October 21: Nadja Drabon, Harvard University "A new lens into the Hadean Eon: Detrital zircons from the Green Sandstone Bed, South Africa"

October 28: Baylor Fox-Kemper, Brown "Historical and Projected Changes to the Oceans, Cryosphere and Sea Level: are UN trouble?"

November 4: KVA Architects, Lincoln Field Renovation Update