The Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences Colloquia Series is generally presented every Thursday afternoon at 4pm in MacMillan 115 during the academic year, unless otherwise noted. Leading scientists from a variety of research institutions make up the pool of our special guest speakers. These sessions are open to the public.

Fall 2017 Colloquia

Please check back frequently. As titles are confirmed, this site will be updated.

Sept. 7: Jim Watkins, University of Oregon "How, exactly, do minerals record paleoenvironments?"

Sept. 14: Departmental Research Groups Overviews

Sept. 21: Departmental DIAP Discussion

Sept. 28: Jerry Mitrovica, Harvard (joint with IBES) "Ancient eclipses, Roman fish tanks, and Munk's Enigma of global sea level rise"

Oct. 5: Elvira Mulyukova, Yale "The microphysics of forming tectonic plate boundaries"

Oct. 12: Whitney Behr, UT Austin "Geologic heterogeneity and transient rheology of the deep subduction interface"

Oct. 19: Jonathan Corum, NY Times "Antarctica and the planets: Graphical views and notions of scale"

Oct. 26: David Battisti, Univ. of Washington "Why is there an overturning ocean circulation in the North Atlantic (and not in the North Pacific)"

Nov. 2: Mutch Lecture Alan Stern, SwRI "The Exploration of the Farthest Worlds: The Story of New Horizons to Pluto" 

Nov. 9: Doug Wiens, Washington Univ. "Seismological constraints on the dynamics of the Antarctic Ice Sheet"

Nov. 16: Kristina Walowski, Middlebury College "Tracking Volatiles in OIB Mantle Reservoirs with B Isotopes in Melt Inclusions"

Nov. 23: Thanksgiving

Nov. 30: Jason Morgan, Royal Holloway TBD

Mathieu Lapotre, Harvard TBD