The Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences Colloquia Series is generally presented every Thursday afternoon at 4pm in MacMillan 115 during the academic year, unless otherwise noted. Leading scientists from a variety of research institutions make up the pool of our special guest speakers. These sessions are open to the public.

Spring 2018 Colloquia

Please check back frequently. As titles are confirmed, this site will be updated.

Jan. 25: Sarah Horst, Johns Hopkins "Planets in a Bottle: Exploring Planetary Atmospheres in the Lab"

Feb. 1: Marine Denolle, Harvard "Deciphering Earthquake Dynamics from Broadband Seismic Radiation"

Feb. 8: Mutch Lecture Sara Seager, MIT TBD

Feb. 18: Careers Day

Feb. 22: Francis Nimmo, UC Santa Cruz "Probing the Dynamics of Planet Formation Using Isotopes"

Mar. 1: Jill Van Tongeren, Rutgers "Temperatures and Timescales of Crystallization in the Lower Oceanic Crust"

Mar. 8: Marion Garcon, ETH "Erosion of Archean Continents and Recycling into the Earth's Mantle"

Mar. 15: Ved Lekic, University of Maryland "From Imaging to Hypothesis Testing: The Future of Structural Seismology"

Mar. 22: Matej Pec, MIT "Reaction Infiltration Instabilities in Mantle Rocks: Insights from Experiments" 

Mar. 29: Spring Recess

Apr. 5: Emily Peterman, Bowdoin College "Geochronology and Metamorphic Petrology of Zircon at the Atomic Scale"

Apr. 12: Kirsten Siebach, Stony Brook Univ. "Formation and Diagenesis of Sedimentary Rocks in Gale Crater, Mars"

Apr. 19: Barbara Sherwood Lollar, University of Toronto TBD

Apr. 26: Susan Brantley, Penn State "Toward a Conceptual Model Relating Subsurface Biogeochemical Landscapes to Water Flow Paths in Hills"

May 3: Lonnie Thompson, Ohio State (Joint with the School of Engineering) TBD