The Department of Earth, Environmental and Planetary Sciences Colloquia Series is generally presented every Thursday afternoon at 4 pm in MacMillan 115 during the academic year unless otherwise noted. Leading scientists from a variety of research institutions make up the pool of our special guest speakers. These sessions are open to the public.

Fall 2018 Colloquia

Please check back frequently. As titles are confirmed, this site will be updated.

Sept. 13: Greg Fournier, MIT "Testing biogeochemical hypotheses of microbial evolution using time-calibrated phylogenetic trees"

Sept. 20: Elizabeth (Zibi) Turtle, Johns Hopkins University "Dragonfly: A New Frontiers mission concept for in situ exploration of prebiotic chemistry and habitability on the Ocean World Titan"

Sept. 27:  Pincelli Hull, Yale "Some like it hot: Tropical temperatures and ecosystems over the last 100 million years" 

Oct. 4: Rob Gailey, UC Davis "Groundwater management in California during times of scarcity and regulatory change: Big picture issues and scientific approaches"

Oct. 11: Kevin Uno, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory "Seeing the grasses through the trees: Development of molecular biomarker methods for identifying grasses in the geologic past"

Oct. 18: David Furbish, Vanderbilt University "The physics of sediment particle diffusion"

Oct. 25: Caroline Ummenhofer, WHOI "Drivers of regional hydroclimate in the Indo-Pacific-from climate models to paleo proxy records"

Nov. 1: Samer Naif, Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory "A journey to the base of an oceanic plate: Linking electromagnetic, seismic, and geochemical observations from the Cocos seafloor"

Nov. 8: Magali Billen, UC Davis "Deep earthquake triggering limited by rate of slab deformation in the transition zone"

Nov. 15: Jay Quade, University of Arizona "Hydrologic upheaval in the Americas during the last deglacial period (18-11 Ka)

Nov. 22: Happy Thanksgiving!

Nov. 29: Sarah Horst, Johns Hopkins University "Planets in a bottle: Exploring planetary atmospheres in a lab"

Dec. 6: MUTCH LECTURE, Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Associate Director, Science Mission Directorate "Explore Science"