Graduate Level Courses

For a complete description of the courses below, please refer to BANNER "Class Schedule" for the most up-to-date EEPS listing.

Semester Graduate Level Course Offerings for the '20-'21Academic Year
I EEPS 2300 Mathematical Models in the Geological Sciences
II EEPS 2330 Advanced Remote Sensing
II EEPS 2350 Quaternary Climatology Seminar
I EEPS 2410 Kinetics of Geochemical Processes
II EEPS 2460 Phase Equilibria
II EEPS 2650 Advanced Seismology
II EEPS 2840 Asteroids & Meteorites
I EEPS 2910 Special Topics
II EEPS 2920E Special Topics Introduction to Organic Geochemistry

Updated 2/19/20