Undergraduate Courses

For a complete description of the courses below, please refer to BANNER "Class Schedule" for the most up-to-date EEPS listing.

Semester Undergraduate Level Courses Offerings for the '17-'18 Academic Year
II GEOL 0010 Face of the Earth
GEOL 0070 Introduction to Oceanography
GEOL 0220 Physical Processes in Geology
I GEOL 0160E Volcanos: Windows into Deep Earth
II GEOL 0810 Weather and Climate
II GEOL 0230 Geochemistry: Earth & Planetary Materials & Processes
II GEOL 0240 Earth: Evolution of a Habitable Planet
I GEOL 0250 Modelling in Natural Science
GEOL 0350 Mathematical Methods of Fluid and Solid Geophysics and Geology
II GEOL 0810 Planetary Geology
II GEOL 1120 Paleoceanography
I GEOL 1240 Stratigraphy and Sedimentation
I GEOL 1310 Global Water Cycle
I GEOL 1320 Introduction to Geographic Information Systems
II GEOL 1330 Global Environmental Remote Sensing
I GEOL 1370 Environmental Geochemistry
I GEOL 1410 Mineralogy
II GEOL 1420 Petrology
II GEOL 1450 Structural Geology
II GEOL 1510 Introduction to Atmospheric Dynamics
II GEOL 1560 Global Tectonics
I GEOL 1610 Solid Earth Geophysics
I GEOL 1615 The Environmental Policy Process
II GEOL 1620 Continuum Physics of the Solid Earth
I GEOL 1710 Remote Sensing of Earth and Planetary Surfaces
I GEOL 1950M Geoengineering Or, The Unnatural World
II GEOL 1960B Physical Hydrology
II GEOL 1960G Earth Science Curriculum Design

(Updated 1/3/18)