Graduate Student Representatives

Annual elections are held so that the EEPS graduate students are represented not only when making key departmental decisions, but also are involved in campus-wide discussions.

Elected Student Representatives, 2020-2021

GeoClub Co-Presidents:

  • Meredith Parish
  • Cody Schultz
  • Meg Wilson

GeoClub Treasurer:

  • Elizabeth Fisher

Sheridan Center Reps:

  • Sloane Garelick
  • Emily Joyce

Faculty Representatives:

  • Climate & Environment Group: Mengxi Wu
  • Geochemistry, Minerology, Petrology: Nir Badt
  • Planetary Group: Evan Bjonnes
  • Geophysics Group: Jordyn Babikoff

First Year Mentoring Program Reps:

  • Anson Cheung
  • Sarah McGrath

Graduate Student Council (GSC) Representatives:

  • Matt Jones

Safety Officer:

  • Ethan Kyzivat

WiSE (Women in Science and Engineering):

  • Laura Lark
  • Meredith Parish

Diversity Working Group Representatives:

  • Elizabeth Fisher
  • Imani Guest
  • Cody Schultz

There is also campus-wide student representation through the Graduate Student Council or "GSC".