Lunch Bunch Series

Climate & Environment Lunch Bunches are held on Mondays at noon in MacMillan 101 through the academic year.
Jan. 28: Emily Joyce, Brown "Highly concentrated nitrogen atmospheric deposition in Providence, RI"
Feb. 4: Nora Richter, Brown "Climate & Humans in the North Atlantic: Paleo records from Southwest Iceland"
Feb. 11: Ethan Kyzivat, Brown "Arctic water body delineation from airborne imagery: Implications for size distributions and gas exchange"
Feb. 25: Shaodu Liu, Yale School of Forestry & Environmental Studies "Hydrologic controls on pCO2 and CO2 efflux in US streams and rivers"
Mar. 11: Richard Vachula, Brown "Humans and climate as cross-scale controls of fire in the Yosemite region of California's Sierra Nevada"
Mar. 18: Rachel Lupien, Brown "Controls on plio-pleistocene East African climate"

Geophysics Lunch Bunches are held on Tuesdays at noon in GeoChem 039 through the academic year.
Feb. 26: Meredith Townsend, Brown "How do magma chambers grow? Insights from thermos-mechanical modeling with applications to large silicic caldera systems"
Mar. 5: Leif Tokle, Brown "Flow law and fabric transition I wet quartzite"
Mar. 19: Eric Burdette, Brown "Antigorite slip and shear heating during dehydration"

Planetary Lunch Bunches are held on Thursdays at noon in Lincoln Field 209 through the academic year.
Feb. 21: Rachel Sheppard, Brown "Assessing Lateral Variations in the Mineralogical Stratigraphy of Mt. Sharp: Linking Rover and Orbital Observations"
Mar. 7: G. Jeffrey Taylor, UH Manoa "Determining the bulk composition of the Moon and why we care"
Mar. 14: Lucie Riu, JAXA "The MicrOmega investigation on board Hayabusa2/MASCOT"

Geochemistry Lunch Bunches are held on Fridays at noon in GeoChem 029 through the academic year.