Lunch Bunch Series

Climate & Environment Lunch Bunches are held on Mondays at noon in MacMillan 101 through the academic year.
Jan. 29: Leah Johnson, "Fronts and stratification in the upper ocean"

Feb. 5: Johnny Ryan, DEEPS/IBES "Processes of Greenland ice sheet mass loss from UAVs"

Feb. 12: Kaustubh Thirumalai, Brown "A dialogue over centuries" Links between Atlantic Ocean circulation and Western Hemisphere rainfall"

Feb. 26: Sarah Cooley, Brown "Tracking the seasonal evolution of Arctic surface water extent using CubeSat imagery"

Mar. 5: Rachel Lupien, Brown "East African climate and hominin evolution during the Plio-Pleistocene"

Mar. 19: Abigail Bodner, Brown "A novel approach to studying turbulence on fronts"

Apr. 2: Weimin Si, Rutgers "Revisiting Raymo's weathering hypothesis using carbonate mass accumulation rates"

Apr. 9: Mengxi Wu, Brown "Threshold for atmospheric convection in tropical rainforests from CloudSat"

Apr. 16: Yuki Weber, Harvard "Diverse bacterial sources of branched GDGTs in lakes and implications for paleoclimate research"'

Apr. 23: Sarabeth George, Brown "Lipid and DNA biomarker analyses of Narragansett Bay sediments: Evaluating the UK'37 proxy in an estuarine environment"

Apr. 30: Ashling Neary, Brown "Diol δD as a paleohydrological proxy in Lake Tanganyika"

Geophysics Lunch Bunches are held on Tuesdays at noon in GeoChem 039 through the academic year.
Jan. 23: (Time Change) 12:30-1:30 Nicholas Mancinelli, Brown "Unraveling mantle mixing and lithosphere-asthenosphere coupling from scattered seismic signals"

Feb. 6: Meredith Townsend, Brown "From brittle to ductile transport of magma: Integrating field observations and mechanical models"

Feb. 13: Eric Burdette, Brown "Serpentinite mechanical stability: Scaling experiments"

Feb 15: Special Thursday Lunch Bunch: Dan Kahn, Devon Energy "The geophysics of oil and gas"

Feb. 27: Francisco Delgado, Cornell "The 2011-2012 eruption of Cordon Caulle volcano (Southern Andes, Chile: A complete silicic eruptive cycle observed by InSAR geodesy and petrology"

Mar. 6: Zhitu Ma, Brown "Geophysical observations reveal dehydration-modulated small-scale convection beneath oceans"

Mar. 20: Terry Tullis, Brown "High-speed friction: Why and how"

Apr. 17: Jordyn Cloud, Brown "Long-period Rayleigh wave phase velocity tomography using USArray"

Apr. 24: Keith Priestly, University of Cambridge "Structure and evolution of the continents"

May 1: Nir Badt, Brown "Fluid pressure and dynamic weakening of experimental faults"

Planetary Lunch Bunches are held on Thursdays at noon in Lincoln Field 209 through the academic year.
Jan. 25: Hannah Kaplan, Brown "Reflectance spectroscopy of organics: From Earth to Ceres"

Feb. 1: Taki Hiroi, Brown "Reflectance spectroscopy of carbonaceous chondrites and JAXA's Hyabusa2 and future missions"

Feb. 22: Ashley Palumbo, Brown "Late Noachian Icy Highlands Climate Model: Exploring the Possibility of Transient Melting and Fluvial/Lacustrine Activity Through Peak Annual and Seasonal Temperatures"

Mar. 1: Brandon Johnson, Brown "Long runout landslides throughout the solar system"

Mar. 8: TBD 

Apr. 5: Brendan Anzures, Brown "Reduction deduction: Unusual geochemistry of low oxygen fugacity rocky bodies" (tent.)

Apr. 12: Elizabeth Fisher, Brown "Determining the Modal Mineralogy of Howardites and Brecciated Eucrites: A Combined XRD-VNIR Study & Implications for Vesta"

Apr. 19: Sean Wiggins, Brown "Impact fragmentation: The development of Megaregolith"

Apr. 26: Michael Bramble, Brown "Characterizing the thermal infrared emission properties of asteroid regolith by replicating the airless space environment in the laboratory"

May 3: Sierra Kaufman, Brown "The Geochemical and Mineralogical Fate of Volcanic Ash in the Cold and Icy Antarctic Environment: Implications for Aqueous Alteration on Early Mars 

Geochemistry Lunch Bunches are held on Fridays at noon in GeoChem 029 through the academic year.

Feb. 16: Ananya Mallik, Brown TBD

Feb. 23: John Krantz, Brown "Serpentinites as noble gas reservoirs: Earth and Mars"

Apr. 6: Eugenia Hyung, Harvard TBD

Apr. 20: Emily H.G. Cooperdock, WHOI "Dating mantle exhumation and alteration processes with (U-Th)He chronometry"

Apr. 27: Jennifer Girard & Elvira Mylyukova, Yale "The becoming of a grain: Growing, shrinking and finding its place in the grain size distribution"