Lunch Bunch Series

Climate & Environment Lunch Bunches are held on Mondays at noon in MacMillan 101 through the academic year.

Sept. 14: C&E Introductions
Sept. 21: Fatima Husain, MIT "Dismantling the Dichotomy between Scientists and Science Writers
Sept. 28: Xiaojing Du, "Southern California Hydroclimate During the Holocene: Interannual Precipitation Variability Response to Climate Forcing"
Oct. 5: Emma Reed, University of Arizona "Extracting climate variability from coral archives through improved interpretations of geochemical proxies"
Oct. 19: Gabriel Filippelli, IUPUI "Using citizen science and geochemistry to get the lead out...of kids"
Oct. 26: Rosa Xu, "The Andes and ENSO statistics"
Nov. 2: Xiaolei Lu, Oklahoma University "A wholistic biomarker inventory analysis elucidates the marine microbial community dynamics of Oceanic Anoxic Event 2"
Nov. 9: Anson Cheung, "Holocene sea surface temperature and productivity changes in the northeast Pacific"
Nov. 16: Angie Perrotti, "Diversity in vegetation and fire responses after Pleistocene megaherbivore extinction across the Eastern US"
Nov 23: Niole Shibley, Yale University "Double-diffusive convection in the Arctic Ocean: Changes in a warming Arctic"
Nov. 30: Victor Perez, University of Delaware "The intersection of Brownfields and climate change: The need to prioritize vunerable communities"


Geophysics Lunch Bunches are held on Tuesdays at noon in GeoChem 039 through the academic year.

Sept. 22: Jordyn Babikoff, "Aboard an OBS Deployment Cruise to the South-Central Pacific: The Old ORCA Experiment"
Sept. 29: Eva Golos, "Imaging and Interpreting Seismic Heterogeneity in the North American Lithosphere"
Oct. 6: Erica Nathan & Anant Hariaharan "Multi-layer Seismic Anisotrophy Beneath Greenland"
Oct. 13: Karianne Bergen, "Machine learning for data-driven discovery in solid Earth geoscience"
Oct. 20: Victor Tsai, "Alternative methods for surface wave inversion and application to Alaskan crustal structure"
Oct. 27: Samuel J. Mitchell, Edge Hill University "The power and challenges of social media in geoscience"
Nov. 17: Diversity Working Group Talk Darryl Reano, Florida International University "Promoting equity through accountablity in the geoscience community"


Planetary Lunch Bunches are held on Thursdays at noon in Lincoln Field 209 through the academic year.

Sept. 10: Faculty Led Town Hall 
Sept. 24: Jesse Tarnas, "Gas Productiion in the Subsurfaces of Earth and Mars"
Oct. 1: Kaitlyn McCain, UCLA "Isotopic Studies of Aqueous Alteration in Meteorites"
Oct. 8: Ashley Schoenfeld, UCLA "Particle Entrainment and Rotating Convection in Enceladus' Ocean"
Oct. 15: Diversity & Inclusion Speaker: Edgar Rivera-Valentin, LPI "Who's missing in Planetary Science"
Oct. 29: Fiona Nichols-Fleming, "Short-lived Lunar dynamos driven by the accretion of cold impactor material"
Nov. 5: Ben Fernando, Oxford Univeristy "Seismology at the extremes of the Solar System"
Nov. 19: Kynan Hughson, Georgia Tech "Exploring Ceres' surface processes and subsurface composition using geomorphology"
Dec. 3: Eashan Das, "Investigating to origin of gypsum in Olympia Undae"


Geochemistry Lunch Bunches are held on Fridays at noon in GeoChem 029 through the academic year.

Oct. 9: Yan Liang, "Melting a spatially and lithologicallly heterogeneous mantle and variations of Sr-Nd-Hf isotope rations in MORB"
Oct. 23: Steve Parman, "What does Mercury teach us about exoplanets"
Oct. 30: Emily First, "Hidden gems: New petrological possibilities for the Apollo 17 orange glass magma"