Lunch Bunch Series

Climate & Environment Lunch Bunches are held on Mondays at noon in MacMillan 101 through the academic year.
Sept. 10: Departmental Introductions - Faculty, Post-Docs and Graduate Students giving brief descriptions of the research
Sept. 17: Baylor Fox-Kemper, Brown "Effects of ocean surface gravity waves: On turbulence, climate, and frontogenesis"
Sept. 24: Chris Horvat, Brown "Sea ice and climate: A Chris story"
Oct. 1: Alison Jacobel, Brown "Paleoenvironmental reconstructions of the equatorial Pacific Ocean"
Oct. 15: Mara Freilich, MIT/WHOI "Vertical transport of biogeochemical tracers in the upper ocean"
Oct. 22: Mathias Trachsel, University of Wisconsin "Reconstructing past vegetation in the northeastern US using pollen-vegetation model STEPPS"
Oct. 29: Nick Scroxton, UMass Amherst "Southern hemisphere tropical rainfall: Servant to the north or marching to the beat of its own drum?"
Nov. 5: Leigh Stearns, University of Kansas "How can glacier observations inform climate models?"
Nov. 12: Karen Wang, Brown "Alkenone paleoclimate proxies: From marine to freshwater, from freshwater to marine" 
Nov. 19: Xiangming Zhao, Brown "MIS M2, Pliocene "monopolar" glaciation?--Probe a very interesting cooling event around 3.3 Ma"
Nov. 26: Jiajue Chai, IBES "Fingerprinting atmospheric nitrous acid and its implications for atmospheric chemistry--from lab to field"
Dec. 3: Chloe Anderson, Boston University "Eloian delivery to Ulleung Basin (Japan Sea) during development of the East Asian Monsoon through the last 12 Ma"


Geophysics Lunch Bunches are held on Tuesdays at noon in GeoChem 039 through the academic year.
Sept. 18: Malcolm White, UCLA "Illuminating seismogenic features in the San Jacinto Fault Zone"
Sept. 25: Neala Creasy, Yale Univ. "The power and limitations of seismic anisotropy observations in the lowermost mantle"
Oct. 2: Junlin Hua, Brown "Imagining with pre-stack migration based on Sp scattering kernels"
Oct. 9: Dusty Schroeder, Stanford "Terrestrial and Planetary Radio Glaciology"
Oct. 16: Greg Hirth, Brown "My experience participating in the Oman Drilling Project"
Oct. 22: Special Monday Seminar: Ben Chichester, University of Southampton, UK "Seismic imaging of the North American Midcontinent Rift using S-to-P receiver functions"
Oct. 23: Karianne Bergen, Harvard University "Big data for small earthquakes: A data mining approach to large-scale earthquake detection"
Oct. 30: Kai-Xun Chen, National Taiwan University "Crustal magmatism and deformation fabrics in northeast Japan revealed by ambient noise tomography"
Nov. 6: Majid Rashtbehesht, Brown "Seismic imaging of crustal magma chambers"
Nov. 13: Karen Godfrey, Brown "A comparison of approaches for the prediction and inversion of surface wave phase delays"
Nov. 20: Ningli Zhao, Brown "Microstructures of shear zone rocks: Insights from lab and field"
Nov. 27: Isabella Gama, Brown "The structure of the upper plate lithosphere and asthenosphere in Alaska from receiver functions"
Dec. 4: Hannah Krueger, Brown "Mid-lithospheric discontinuities in the Kalahari craton"


Planetary Lunch Bunches are held on Thursdays at noon in Lincoln Field 209 through the academic year.
Sept. 6: Laura Kerber, Jet Propulsion Laboratory "Moon diver: A mission concept to explore a lunar pit crater interior"
Sept. 13: Patrick Barosh, USGS (retired)"The tectonic history of New England: The assembly and destruction of Northwestern Pangea"
Sept. 20: Elizabeth Turtle, Johns Hopkins (APL) "Titan's meteorology during the Cassini mission and evidence for subsurface reservoirs"
Sept. 27: Jack Mustard, Brown "NASA Mars 2020 landing site selection activities"
Sept. 28: Special Friday Seminar: Geoff Collins, Wheaton "Europa Plate Tectonics"
Oct. 4: Francis Rivera-Hernandez, Dartmouth "In a PICL: Were there perennially ice-covered lakes on early Mars?"
Oct. 11: Chris Kremer, Brown "A widespread olivine-rich ash deposit on Mars"
Oct. 18: Erica Nathan, Brown "Freezing water spheres as a laboratory analog for icy moons"
Oct. 25: Ben Boatwright, Brown "An integrated model of precipitation, infiltration, and groundwater flows on Mars"
Nov. 1: Ashley Palumbo, Brown "Oceans on Mars: The possibility of a Noachian groundwater-fed ocean in a sub-freezing martian climate"
Nov. 8: Ariel Deutsch, Brown "Understanding impact and magmatic structures in the Moon's subsurface from gravity data"
Nov. 15: Jesse Tarnas, Brown "Characterizing aqueous alteration on Mars: New insights from DAFA/TT application to CRISM data"
Nov. 29: Special Thursday Lunch Seminar, MM 115: Nikki Lovenduski, University of Colorado, Boulder "A change in the forecast: Ocean biogeochemistry over the next decade"
Dec. 6: Thomas Zurbuchen, NASA Associate Administrator, Science Mission Directorate "Forward to the moon and on to Mars"

Geochemistry Lunch Bunches are held on Fridays at noon in GeoChem 029 through the academic year.
Sept. 14: Yan Liang, Brown "Selected problems in geochemistry: Mantle Heterogeneity, mantle wedge, and diffusion"
Sept. 21: Steve Parman, Brown "Adventures in atom probe tomography"
Sept. 28: Joint GMP/Planetary Lunch Bunch: Geoff Collins, Wheaton College "Europa plate tectonics"
Oct. 4: Special Thursday Seminar: Rob Gailey, UC, Davis "Practicing hydrogeology: It's mostly about formulating the questions"
Oct. 5: Brendan Anzures, Brown "Towards an fO2-P-T-Xmodel of sulfur speciation in Mercurian Magmas"
Oct. 12: Benoit Welsch, Brown "Petrogenesis of  oceanites at the Reunion Hotspot"
Oct. 19: Jack Krantz, Brown "A combined model for recycling of nitrogen and noble gases"
Oct. 26: Adam Sarafian, MIT-WHOI "Water in the inner solar system (including Earth): Insights from basalts and new partitioning data"
Nov. 2: Boda Liu, Brown "Mixing of chemical heterogeneities by disequilibrium melt migration in the mantle with implications to isotope and trace element variations in mid-ocean ridge basalts"
Nov. 9: Emily First, Brown "Silicate liquid immiscibility in evolved lunar magmas: Preliminary experimental finding and relevance to red spots"
Nov. 16: Meghan Jones, MIT/WHOI "The origin of popping rocks"
Dec. 7: Michael Wucher, Brown "Europan margaritas: Ice-salt eutectics in the icy shell"