Lunch Bunch Series

Climate & Environment Lunch Bunches are held on Mondays at noon in MacMillan 101 through the academic year.
Jan. 29: Leah Johnson, "Fronts and stratification in the upper ocean"

Feb. 5: Johnny Ryan, DEEPS/IBES "Processes of Greenland ice sheet mass loss from UAVs"

Feb. 12: Kaustubh Thirumalai, Brown "A dialogue over centuries" Links between Atlantic Ocean circulation and Western Hemisphere rainfall"

Feb. 26: Sarah Cooley, Brown "Tracking the seasonal evolution of Arctic surface water extent using CubeSat imagery"

Mar. 5: Rachel Lupien, Brown "East African climate and hominin evolution during the Plio-Pleistocene"

Mar. 19: Abigail Bodner, Brown "A novel approach to studying turbulence on fronts"

Apr. 2: Weimin Si, Rutgers "Revisiting Raymo's weathering hypothesis using carbonate mass accumulation rates"

Apr. 9: Mengxi Wu, Brown "Threshold for atmospheric convection in tropical rainforests from CloudSat"

Apr. 16: Yuki Weber, Harvard "Diverse bacterial sources of branched GDGTs in lakes and implications for paleoclimate research"

Geophysics Lunch Bunches are held on Tuesdays at noon in GeoChem 039 through the academic year.
Jan. 23: (Time Change) 12:30-1:30 Nicholas Mancinelli, Brown "Unraveling mantle mixing and lithosphere-asthenosphere coupling from scattered seismic signals"

Feb. 6: Meredith Townsend, Brown "From brittle to ductile transport of magma: Integrating field observations and mechanical models"

Feb. 13: Eric Burdette, Brown "Serpentinite mechanical stability: Scaling experiments"

Feb 15: Special Thursday Lunch Bunch: Dan Kahn, Devon Energy "The geophysics of oil and gas"

Feb. 27: Francisco Delgado, Cornell "The 2011-2012 eruption of Cordon Caulle volcano (Southern Andes, Chile: A complete silicic eruptive cycle observed by InSAR geodesy and petrology"

Mar. 6: Zhitu Ma, Brown "Geophysical observations reveal dehydration-modulated small-scale convection beneath oceans"

Mar. 20: Terry Tullis, Brown "High-speed friction: Why and how"

Apr. 17: Jordyn Cloud, Brown "Long-period Rayleigh wave phase velocity tomography using USArray"

Planetary Lunch Bunches are held on Thursdays at noon in Lincoln Field 209 through the academic year.
Jan. 25: Hannah Kaplan, Brown "Reflectance spectroscopy of organics: From Earth to Ceres"

Feb. 1: Taki Hiroi, Brown "Reflectance spectroscopy of carbonaceous chondrites and JAXA's Hyabusa2 and future missions"

Feb. 22: Ashley Palumbo, Brown "Late Noachian Icy Highlands Climate Model: Exploring the Possibility of Transient Melting and Fluvial/Lacustrine Activity Through Peak Annual and Seasonal Temperatures"

Mar. 1: Brandon Johnson, Brown "Long runout landslides throughout the solar system"

Mar. 8: TBD 

Apr. 5: Brendan Anzures, Brown "Reduction deduction: Unusual geochemistry of low oxygen fugacity rocky bodies" (tent.)

Apr. 12: Elizabeth Fisher, Brown "Determining the Modal Mineralogy of Howardites and Brecciated Eucrites: A Combined XRD-VNIR Study & Implications for Vesta"

Apr. 19: Sean Wiggins, Brown "Impact fragmentation: The development of Megaregolith"

Apr. 26: Michael Bramble, Brown "Characterizing the thermal infrared emission properties of asteroid regolith by replicating the airless space environment in the laboratory"

May 3: Sierra Kaufman, Brown "The Geochemical and Mineralogical Fate of Volcanic Ash in the Cold and Icy Antarctic Environment: Implications for Aqueous Alteration on Early Mars (tent.)

Geochemistry Lunch Bunches are held on Fridays at noon in GeoChem 029 through the academic year.

Feb. 16: Ananya Mallik, Brown TBD

Feb. 23: John Krantz, Brown "Serpentinites as noble gas reservoirs: Earth and Mars"

Apr. 6: Eugenia Hyung, Harvard TBD

Apr. 20: Emily H.G. Cooperdock, WHOI "Dating mantle exhumation and alteration processes with (U-Th)He chronometry"