Symposium for Peter Schultz

Last weekend, about 100 undergraduate and graduate alumni gathered to celebrate the retirement of Professor Peter Schultz (Dept. of Earth, Environmental, and Planetary Sciences) at the historical Hope Club.

24 symposium speakers, including Brown alumni (now professors) from Japan and Alaska, presented their latest science research and connected their career trajectories to their experiences here at Brown, highlighting Prof. Schultz's influence on their lives.

(Distributed November 24, 2014)

Warmth and flowing water on Mars was episodic

How to reconcile indisputable evidence of flowing water on Mars with severely low temperatures? New research shows volcanism and greenhouse gas could have warmed the planet sufficiently, but only for tens or hundreds of years at a time. Read the paper co-authored by Professor Jim Head and published in Nature Geoscience.

(Distributed November 20, 2014)
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