Climate & Environment

The Climate & Environment Group uses the marine and terrestrial geologic record to understand the history and dynamics of global climate and environmental change. Faculty and students develop and apply sedimentological, geochemical, organic geochemical, and microfossil proxies to marine and terrestrial sediments to investigate Earth System History on time scales ranging from seasons to millions of years.

The Climate & Environment group investigates global change from the perspectives of both Paleoceanography and Terrestrial Paleoenvironments, with research spread across the world's oceans and on six continents. Ongoing studies includes investigations of the El Niño Southern Oscillation, monsoon dynamics, orbital forcing of climate and ecosystems, lacustrine and marine biogeochemical cycles, sea surface temperature history, organic geochemical proxy development, continental paleohydrology and paleoecology, and paleobiology. Moreover, Climate & Environment researchers routinely investigate a variety of modern environmental processes, both internally and through collaboration with the Institute at Brown for Environment & Society (IBES) and the Joint Brown/Marine Biological Lab Ph.D. program.

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