Climate & Environment Facilities, Data and Software


Analytical facilities of the Climate & Environment group include top-notch facilities for mass spectrometry, organic and inorganic geochemistry, and sedimentology. Instrumentation and facilities include:

  • Mass Spectrometry*:
    • Finnigan IRMS for bulk organic and liquid samples.
    • Finnigan MAT 252 with Kiel III carbonate device and reference gas extraction line. Internet camera accessed at from any web browser.
    • Finnigan Delta-Plus XL continuous flow for compound-specific and bulk organic isotope samples.
    • *For more specifics about our Mass Specs, including how to submit samples, click here.
  • Two Dionex ASE automated extraction device for organic compounds.
  • Fully equipped laboratories for purification of organic compounds.
  • Fully equipped labs for processing lacustrine, marine, and estuarine sediment cores.
  • HP 5890 Gas Chromatograph with autosampler.
  • Automated UIC Inc. carbonate coulometer .
  • Elemental Analyzers (bulk carbon, nitrogen, and sulfur)
  • JY2000 ICP ES for major and minor element determination
  • Ethos 1600 microwave digestion workstation and Li-metaborate flux fusion station.
  • UV/VIS spectrophotometer.
  • Portable VIS/near IR field spectrometer.
  • Thermal Ionization mass spectrometer (through L.P. Gromet).
  • Microscopes, image analyzers, and processing equipment for analyzing foraminiferal populations and terrestrial macrofossils.
  • Petrographic microscope with imaging equipment for analyzing grain mounts and thin sections.
  • Compound Microscopes for radiolarian, diatom, pollen, and nannofossils.
  • Oceanographic Field Equipment including 18 ft research boat, 6 Seabird CTDs (one with SeaTech fluorometer), 2 Interocean S4 Current meters, Hydrolab Profiler system, Turner Fluorometer, Particle Data grainsize analyzer, GPS and GIS systems.
  • Limnologic field equipment for water sampling, plankton sampling, water column monitoring, and gravity and piston coring.
  • An Edgetech CHIRP sub-bottom profiler and other seismic reflection equipment for surveying lake and marine sediments.
  • Workstations for analysis and interpretation of seismic reflection data equipped with The Kingdom Suite software (TM) provided by IHS Inc.
  • Analytical equipment available through the MacMillan Hall Environmental Chemistry Labs.

Data and Software

Arand Software Package

Brown Foraminiferal Database

Match 2.3.1 - Dynamic Programming Software

Bermuda Foram Data

Modern Analog Technique (MAT) package

NEMPID database (James W. Bradley, editor, version 1.1, April, 2001), fr: Newby et al., QSR 24 (2005).

Download Paleo-Calib.xls or Paleo-Data.xls