Independent Research Projects and Honors

Graduating seniors often choose to complete an Independent Research Project, or "Senior Thesis". With the guidance of a senior faculty member, they may conduct laboratory research, field research, and/or computer modeling. After completing data analysis, these students make a final presentation to a panel of Geological Sciences faculty by the end of their senior year.

Jena Johnson, '09 presents her Senior Thesis to a faculty panel and her peersJena Johnson, '09 presents her Senior Thesis to a faculty panel and her peers

One semester of GEOL 1970 (Independent Research Project) is required for ScB concentrators and is often completed by AB concentrators as well. Some of these students choose to complete two semesters of research and have two additional faculty readers participate in their oral presentation, making them eligible for "Honors".


Thursday, April 30:

2:30 PM. Jake Acquadro, "An experimental study of REE and HFSE partitioning between low-Ca pyroxene and parental melts of Martian shergottite meteorites"
3:00 PM. Zihan Chen, AB Geophysics, "An objective climatology of arctic polar lows based on ERA5 reanalysis"
3:30 PM: Veronica Gordon, ScB Geochemistry, "Utilizing polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon biomarkers to date European arrival to the Azores archipelago"
4:00 PM: Joseph Novak, ScB Geology-Biology, "Reassessment of the Alkenone SST Proxy: Using Methodological Advancements to Make a Better Thermometer"
4:30 PM: Kathryn Scholz, Geophysics, "Effects of CO2-H2O Mixtures on Shallow Silicic Magma Reservoir Eruption Cycles using Numerical Modeling"