Chinese Medicine, Science & Technology

The University of Redland’s East and Southeast Asia: An Annotated Directory of Internet Resources A particularly good place to start here.  It has a number of sections that focus on health and the environment, including special topics such as AIDS and SARS in China.  Current links to official sources on science and technology can be found through government websites:  for China,, and for Taiwan,  Local NGOs and news on technological change, the environmental movement, and so on, should be traced through the portal sites and search engines listed under “Starting Points”, or via the media outlets in the “News and Media” section.  The following sites contain more in-depth scholarship, research aids, or primary documents in these subjects.

History of Medicine and Culture in China, Marta Hanson, Johns Hopkins University Of greatest interest to a general audience will be the “resources” and “links” sections, which include online syllabi, grants and conferences, library resources and connections to academic and non-academic websites related to the study of Chinese medicine.

National Library of Medicine, National Institutes of Health There are many resources to be gleaned from this site. In the “Online Exhibitions and Digital Projects” section, look for “Classics of Traditional Chinese Medicine”, an online version of a 2001 exhibition of medical manuscripts.  Of special interest is the “History of Medicine” homepage, which gives access to the library catalog, online visual collections (which contain manuscript illustrations of Chinese acupuncture texts, documentary photos of 20th century medical conditions, etc.), and, under “Quick Links,” an online syllabus archive.

Wellcome Library, Wellcome Collection, London. Among the riches to be found here are digitized photograph collections  and historical Chinese medical illustrations and texts.

The Golden Elixir Press. The website of scholar Fabrizio Pregadio, expert on Daoism and Chinese alchemy; this contains translated texts and textual analyses, introductory essays on alchemy and its history, works of scholarship, and a number of useful links.

Homepage of Nathan Sivin, University of Pennsylvania Here you will find a number of online articles by one of the most distinguished scholars of Chinese science, as well an extensive bibliography in that subject, and links for resources in the histories of science, technology and medicine.

Environment, Science and Technology Section, US Embassy Beijing This section has produced excellent reports on issues of critical importance in contemporary China, from HIV/AIDS and SARS to the Three Gorges project, environmental pollution and the space program.