News & Media

Many major American and European news sources have bureaus in Beijing and Tokyo, with occasional on-site reporting from Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan and Hong Kong – the Guardian, the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, and BBC tend to have the most extensive coverage.  For in-depth knowledge and a variety of perspectives, however, these are some of the most prominent local media sites in Asia.  For additional links, check the Brown Library resources and the home pages of the major East Asian research libraries listed under “Libraries and Archives.”

A good place to search out available news sites is the Online Newspapers page, which allows searching by country or region.

Asia Media: The Asia Pacific Media Network, Loyola Marymount University . A nonprofit, nonpartisan service that culls links to stories of interest from the Asian press, and publishes commentaries and special reports of its own. 

Asia Times Online. An internet-only publication reported and written from Asia, with news from around the continent.  Available in English and Chinese editions.

The Asia-Pacific Journal is not a news outlet, but rather provides critical and scholarly perspective on important topics in East Asian affairs.