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Chinese Women, Gender and Feminism from Historical and Transnational Perspectives

EAST 1950B S01 [CRN: 24291]

This seminar course is designed to critically re-evaluate (re)presentations of Chinese women, gender, and feminism in historical, literary, and academic discourses. It examines a diverse body of texts produced through different historical periods and in different geopolitical locations. It emphasizes gender as both a historical construct(s) among competing discourses and as a material process of individual embodiment and disembodiment. The goal of the course is to help advanced students understand Chinese history from a distinctly gendered perspective, to recognize women's roles in history and writing, and to develop a reflective, cross-cultural approach to gender, politics, and the self.
Spring 2018
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15:00 - 17:30 Mon - from Jan 24, 2018 to May 18, 2018
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