Class of 2016

2016 Commencement2016 Commencement

Do we look only at the flowers in full bloom
? And we stand at the edge of spring, as summer shimmers in the air, the blossoms long since scattered, their fallen petals, a lingering snow of late spring. Nowseems a moment of sadness and joy, as we look on to the coming season, even as we leave behind the one we know, but we feel the beauty of things at their beginnings and their ends, and so only now, do I begin to see how I cherish the blossoms, even as I sat alone in my room, unaware of the passing spring, but it is long too late to call back the scattered flowers, and so I can only say a few words to the memory of spring, and thank the many who have helped me, my professors, my parents, my grandparents, my brothers, and leave knowing only that the memory grows sharper; for the further I am from the fallen blossoms, the more beautiful they appear, and so I learn anew that flowers are not those things only of the full bloom, but echo silently long after they have scattered.

-Christopher Huber, '16

The faculty and staff congratulate the class of 2016 on their graduation and outstanding achievements at Brown. This year, East Asian Studies had fourteen concentrators: five were Magna Cum Laude, three received EAS honors, two were Phi Beta Kappa, and two recieved Fulbright grants. We wish our students the best on their future endeavors, and hope to meet them again on College Hill.