New Faculty Resources

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Before July 01, you are encouraged to complete the following tasks:
  1. Submit proposals for new courses
    Complete one proposal (sample course proposal form) for each new course; email syllabi to melina[at]brown[dot]edu. Your proposals and syllabi shall be submitted electronically by proxy until you receive your own Brown username and password.

  2. Order books for your classes
    Complete electronically one textbook order form for each course; email completed textbook order form(s) to

  3. Familiarize yourself with Brown's Instructional Technology Group (ITG) for electronic teaching tools

On or immediately after July 01, you should proceed with the following steps:
  1. Within three (3) days of arriving at Brown you must file an I-9 form with the University
    The I-9 form must be completed in person, at Human Resources, with acceptable forms of ID (see form instructions). After your I-9 is processed, you will receive a Brown username and password, and can then proceed with steps 3-5.

  2. Visit the Payroll and Benefits offices to complete and submit your W-4 and/or direct deposit enrollment forms

  3. Activate your Brown email account

  4. Receive your Brown ID Card

  5. Request Academic Technology tools for your courses and/or set-up Online Course Reserves Access (OCRA) with the Library