The Language Programs

East Asian Language Programs

The goal of the three language programs in East Asian Studies is to develop the four language modalities (speaking, listening, reading and writing proficiency) in Chinese, Japanese, and Korean, and to teach various aspects of the cultures in relation to language, offering opportunities for students who have attained proficiency to use it in the study of East Asian literature, culture and society. East Asian Studies concentrators and all serious students of East Asian languages are all strongly encouraged to spend time abroad.

Chinese, Japanese and Korean do require more intensive methods of instruction than other languages taught at American universities. This is in part because in addition to unfamiliar language structures, they have writing systems utterly unlike English, and they are both modern and classical languages. All three traditions are continuous from their earliest records until today. Unlike the other classical languages taught at Brown, which are taught as "dead" languages, Chinese, Japanese and Korean are first taught as living languages always.

Placement exams are usually held the day before class begins. Contact the Program Coordinator for location and time.