Mark Bertness

(Lab website)

Problems in the population and community ecology of marine plants and animals.

Elizabeth Brainerd

(Lab website)

Functional morphology, comparative physiology, and biomechanics

Casey W. Dunn

(Lab website)

Evolutionary developmental biology of animals and phylogenetics.

Erika J.  Edwards

(Lab website)

Understanding the functional and ecological diversity of vascular plants from an evolutionary perspective.

Stephen M. Gatesy

Functional morphology, the evolution of the vertebrate locomotor system.

Christine M. Janis

Vertebrate evolution (especially Cenozoic mammals), craniodental functional morphology, mammalian systematics (especially ungulates).

Rebecca Kartzinel
Assistant Professor (Research) (Arriving 2017)
Plant population genetics, genomics, and ecological epigenetics.

Tyler Kartzinel
(Lab website)
Assistant Professor (Arriving 2017)
Conservation biology, molecular ecology, and the evolution of species interactions.

James Kellner
(Lab Website)
Structure and dynamics of tropical forests, environmental remote sensing. James_R_Kellner@brown.edu

Andrew Leslie
(Lab Website)
Paleobotany, functional morphology, and evolutionary patterns in seed plant reproductive structures.

Douglass H. Morse

Behavioral ecology: foraging, life history variables, and sexual selection.


Stephen Porder
(Lab website)

Graduate Program Co-Director
Biogeochemistry, nutrient cycling in tropical forests, interaction between geologic and ecological processes.

Sohini Ramachandran
(Lab website)

Population genetics and evolutionary theory, applied to human genetic variation

David M. Rand
(Lab website)

Department Chair
Molecular ecology and evolution, coevolution of nuclear and mitochondrial genomes, and speciation.

Dale Ritter

Morphology Course Director
Senior Lecturer
Box G-B 205
Telephone: 401-863-5093
Fax: 401-863-7544


Thomas J. Roberts

(Lab website)

Department Vice Chair
Biomechanics and energetics of vertebrate movement.

Dov Sax

(Lab website)

Species invasions of non-native plants and animals; Evaluating conservation strategies best suited to preserving biodiversity from the novel threats posed by climate change.

Kate Smith

(Lab website)

Conservation Medicine; Disease Ecology; Biogeography; Global Environmental Change.

Sharon Swartz
(Lab website)

Biomechanics, functional morphology, and the evolution of vertebrate limbs.

Marc Tatar

Life history evolution with an emphasis on Senescence.

Daniel M. Weinreich

Graduate Program Co-Director
Darwinian evolution at the level of individual mutations within protein coding genes.

Timothy Whitfeld
Herbarium Collections Manager and Assistant Professor (Research)

Jon D. Witman

Population and community ecology, oceanography, and marine biology.


Brown/MBL Faculty

Zoe Cardon

Research focus on biogeochemistry, particularly in the rhizosphere, and shifting ecosystem functions driving, and driven by, organismal evolution.

Linda Deegan

Research is driven by a desire to understand the relationship between ecosystem dynamics and animal populations.

Anne Giblin

Research focus on the cycling of elements in the environment, especially the biogeochemistry of nitrogen, sulfur, iron, and phosphorus.

Roger T. Hanlon

Research focuses on the principles of animal camouflage and visual signaling in marine and terrestrial habitats.

John Hobbie

Research as an aquatic ecologist has attempted to identify the factors controlling decomposition and productivity within aquatic ecosytems. I am primarily interested in the role natural assemblages of microbes play in ecosystems.

Julie Huber

Research focuses on marine microbial ecology, with an emphasis on deep-sea hydrothermal vents and crustal habitats, using molecular- and cultivation-based methods.


Jerry Melillo

Interested in how human activities are altering the biogeochemistry of terrestrial ecosystems.

Christopher Neill

Research focuses on understanding how changes in land use and other human activities alter the structure of ecosystems and the ways that ecosystems cycle nutrients and organic matter.

Anton Post

Research focuses on the molecular ecology of marine microorganisms with a focus on abundant cyanobacterial species.

Edward Rastetter

Interested in ecosystem stoichiometry, particularly the constraints imposed by carbon-nutrient interactions on ecosystem productivity and carbon accumulation

Gaius Shaver

Interested in plant growth and nutrition, and in the role of plants in ecosystem element cycles.