Institute at Brown for Environment and Society 

The Institute at Brown for Environment and Society (IBES) is the campus hub for environmental research and education. IBES research is characterized by collaborative approaches that cross traditional disciplinary boundaries in the humanities, natural sciences and social sciences. Its educational activities aim to engage students in the deep complexity of human-environment interactions.

Brown University
Box 1951
85 Waterman Street
Providence, RI 02912 

Data Science Initiative and Center for Computational Molecular Biology 

The Data Science Initiative (DSI) is a new program at Brown University that will serve as a campus hub for research and education in foundational methodologies of data science. EEB’s link to DSI is through the Center for Computational Molecular Biology. CCMB is one of DSI’s affiliated units, serving as a research center focusing on the development, implementation and application of analytical and computational methods to foundational questions in the biological and medical sciences. CCMB’s director is EEB faculty member Sohini Ramachandran, and several other EEB faculty members whose research concerns population and evolutionary genomics are active members of CCMB. The CCMB is located on the 2nd floor of the Center for Information Technology at the corner of Waterman and Brook Streets.

School of Engineering 

Brown University's School of Engineering educates future leaders in the fundamentals of engineering in an environment of world-class research. Research and education takes an interdisciplinary approach, which includes several members of the EEB faculty focusing on animal locomotion, functional morphology and biomechanics.The School of Engineering is located at 184 Hope Street in Providence