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Admission Requirements

Entering students typically have a background in biology or related disciplines. Although there are no rigid prerequisites, successful applicants will usually have taken as a minimum one course in each of ecology, evolution, organismal or comparative biology, cell and molecular biology, and a course in biostatistics. Deficiencies in these areas may be remedied by course work and independent reading, as determined in the initial Advisory Committee meetings in the first semester of a student’s graduate program. This program does not accept GRE General or Subject Scores.

Application Information

All applications should be submitted online through the Graduate School. Click here for more information on deadlines and the application procedure.

Successful applicants almost always contact individual faculty members in their area of interest before submitting a formal application to inquire about graduate training opportunities. Faculty are generally very receptive to such inquiries, since new graduate students are a essential component of most research programs. A list of current faculty, together with their research areas, can be found here.

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Other general questions about the application process can be sent to our graduate program directors.


Program Contacts


Matthew Fuxjager
Associate Professor, Graduate Program Co-Director
[email protected] 



Serena Burt
Graduate & Postdoc Program Coordinator
[email protected]