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2017 Income and Wealth Inequality Conference - April 8

The 2017 Income and Wealth Inequality Conference will be hosted by the Department of Economics, Brown University, and will take place on Saturday, April 8, 2017 in the Population Studies and Training Center (PSTC) Seminar Room (205) in Providence, Rhode Island.  The conference is sponsored by James M. and Cathleen D. Stone Foundation.

David Weil and John Friedman
Brown University

Saturday, April 8

8:00 AM - 8:40 AM: Breakfast

8:40 AM - 9:00 AM: Introductions, Welcoming Remarks

9:00 AM - 9:50 AM:

Thomas Piketty, Paris School of Economics

*Emmanuel Saez, UC Berkeley

*Gabriel Zucman, UC Berkeley

"Distributional National Accounts: Methods and Estimates for the United States"

            Discussant: Jeff Larrimore, Federal Reserve Board

9:50 AM - 10:20 AM: Break

10:20 AM - 11:10 AM:

Matt Smith, U.S. Treasury

*Danny Yagan, UC Berkeley

*Owen Zidar, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

 *Eric Zwick, University of Chicago Booth School of Business

"Capitalists in the 21st Century"


Discussant: Wojciech Kopczuk, Columbia University


11:10 AM - 12:00 PM:

*Jeffrey Clemens, UC San Diego

*Joshua D. Gottlieb, University of British Columbia

*David Hemous, University of Zurich

*Morten Olsen, IESE Business School, University of Navarra

"The Spillover Effects of Top Income Inequality"

             Discussant: Jonathan Gruber, MIT

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM: Lunch

1:00 PM - 1:50 PM:

Adrien Auclert, Stanford University

*Matthew Rognlie, Northwestern University

"Inequality and Aggregate Demand"


             Discussant: Gauti Eggertsson, Brown University


1:50 PM - 2:20 PM: Break

2:20 PM - 3:10 PM:

Marius Brulhard, University of Lausanne

*Jonathan Gruber, MIT

Matthias Krapf, Univeristy of Basel

Kurt Schmidheiny, University of Basel

"Taxing Wealth: Evidence from Switzerland"


             Discussant: David Seim, Stockholm University


3:10 PM - 4:00 PM:

Alberto Alesina, Harvard University

*Stefanie Stantcheva, Harvard University

Edoardo Teso, Harvard University

"Intergenerational Mobility and Preferences for Redistribution"  

            Discussant: Matthew Weinzierl, Harvard Business School