News & Announcements

New Business Economics Track

May 14, 2019

We are excited to announce the creation of a new Business Economics Track in the Economics Concentration. This new track builds upon recent investments in the department and faculty hiring in this area and is designed to serve significant student interest. Students will learn both theoretical and real-world applications in the areas of business and finance, including investment strategies, financing of new ventures, and pricing of new products. The Business Economics track prepares students for careers in finance, technology, consulting, and management. Beginning in fall 2019, students in semester 7 or earlier (class of 2020 and beyond) will be able to declare this new track. Details on the curriculum are available at this link.

News from the Graduate School

April 24, 2019

Professor Andrew Foster wins award for outstanding faculty advising and mentoring from the graduate school. PhD student Florian Gunsilius wins the Jourkowsky Family Foundation Outstanding Dissertation Award. 

Faculty In The News-Emily Oster

April 19, 2019

Please check out Professor Emily Oster's opinion piece featured in the New York Times titled, "The Data All Guilt-Ridden Parents Need". Emily's new book, Cribsheet, will be published on April 23, 2019. 

Providence Journal- Puerto Rican Alum Gives Brown $25M to Study Economic Disparities

April 18, 2019

This morning the Economics Department was featured  in a front page article in the Providence Journal.  Orlando Bravo, class of 1992, donated $25 million to the Brown econ department. His donation will be used  to establish an economics research center, The Orlando Bravo Center for Economic Research, and hire more faculty. The center will allow the department to expand its research into economic disparities.  Check out the article here:

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