Requirements for Standard Track in Economics (A.B.)

Students considering the Standard Economics concentration should review the recommended sequence of courses as they decide what classes to take during their first four semesters.

Course Requirements:

  • Math:
    • Math 0100 (or higher)
    • Econ 0170 (Math for Economists)
    • AP Calculus BC score of 4 or higher
    • IB Higher-Level Math score of 5 or higher
    • A-Levels Math H2 with a grade C or higher
  • Economics:
    • Econ 0110, or AP Micro and Macro scores of 4 or higher
    • Econ 1110* (or Econ 1130)
    • Econ 1210*
    • Econ 1620 
    • Econ 1629 or Econ 1630
    • 5 additional 1000-level economics course electives
      • If placing out of Econ 0110, an additional 1000-level economics course elective is required (6 1000-level courses altogether)
      • Note that Econ 1970 (independent study) cannot be used to meet concentration requirements, but up to two can be used for university credit
      • Students can count either ECON 1070 or ECON 1090 toward the concentration, but not both.

      *Note that core intermediate classes ECON 1110 and ECON1210 require at least MATH 0060, 0070 or 0090 as a pre-requisite, and that certain advanced economics courses may impose additional mathematical prerequisites.