Peer Advisors

Upper class economics concentrators serve as peer advisors to underclassmen. Peer advisors provide information that can be helpful for course selection, concentration choice (econ vs. applied math econ vs math econ vs. CS econ), internships, RAing, TAing, graduate school, study abroad, etc. 

Below is a list of peer advisors and a short description of their areas of interest, contact information, and office hours. We suggest you select a peer advisor with listed interests in line with your own and contact them directly with any questions. Peer advisors will also host events during shopping period and before concentration declarations are due. See the Events Calendar for when these will be scheduled.

Name: Ana Bonilla
Class: Senior (2018)
Concentration:Economics and International Relations
Also familiar with:My name is Ana Bonilla and I am a senior studying Economics and International Relations. I was born and grew up in Colombia and came to the United States to pursue an undergraduate degree at Syracuse University. I transferred to Brown University for my sophomore year.

My interests in economics lie in understanding inequality, economic policies to promote growth and development, and the bridge between economics and international relations, mainly macroeconomic policies and its worldwide effects. I am also interested in the politics and economics of Latin America, especially Colombia and its path towards post-conflict reconstruction. 

At Brown, I am the chair of BISC's (Brown International Scholarship Committee) Ambassadorship Committee, where I help fellow students promote Brown abroad. I am also the International Relations student representative for the Watson Institute's Committee for Diversity and Inclusion. I have worked with a Hispanic studies teacher, aiding him with his archives. Lastly, I have also been a mentor for sophomore students through MAPS (Matched Advising Program for Sophomores) and now look forward to being a Peer Advisor for Economics.

Outside of Brown, I have interned for a community development architectural group, conducted research on the Colombian 2012 peace agreement, and worked for an NGO aiding immigrant children to attain legal status in the United States. 

Academic Interests:macroeconomic policy, development economics, inequality, growth, International Relations, Latin America, Colombia, postconflict reconstruction.

Name: Holden Bruce
Class: Senior (2018)
Concentration: Economics
Also familiar with: I was born in Florida but grew up in Lexington, MA and have spent time studying abroad in both Antony, France and Edinburgh, Scotland (would recommend both). After graduating high school in 2014, I studied at Trinity College in Hartford, CT before transferring to Brown during my Sophomore year. I spent the summer before my Junior year in Providence taking classes and helping Economics Professor Emily Oster with her research project on US vaccination rates.  During my Junior year I developed an interest in using statistical techniques and artificial intelligence to tackle difficult problems (for financial, social, as well as purely technically efficient gain). I am now interested in machine learning, deep learning, and regression analysis.  I spent this past summer working for a hedge fund and am considering several options (IB, consulting, tech) for my graduation plans.

Academic Interests: I have always been fascinated with human decision making and believe that Economics provides a wonderful framework for thinking about why we choose to do the things we do.

Name: Uyanga “Uka” Ganbold-Battulga
Class: Junior (2019)
Concentration: International Relations and Economics
Also familiar with: I am originally from Mongolia, but I grew up in Denver, Colorado. I entered Brown after having taken a gap year and once I took courses, I grew interested in International Relations and Economics. On campus, I am the President of Smart Woman Securities (a finance oriented group) and Off-Campus Business Education Co-Chair of Brown Women in Business (a business oriented group). I am also an alto singer in Disney A Cappella! 

Summer after freshman year, I worked as a Data Analyst for a sportswear manufacturing company. This past summer (before Junior year), I did two internships concurrently—I am an International Trade Intern at the World Trade Center Denver and I am a Materials Analyst Intern at a credit card manufacturing company.

I can help with: adjusting to college life after a gap year, weighing the pros and cons of double-concentrating, picking IR and Econ courses, and finding internships (particularly in Investment Banking and the World Trade Center Association).

Shoot me an email at:  

Academic Interests: International Trade, Financial Economics, Macroeconmics 

Name: Gianna Jasinski
Class: Senior (2018)
Concentration: Economics and Political Science
Also familiar with: I am originally from Rhode Island, about 20 minutes away from campus. While I never thought I would end up here, I ultimately was drawn to the open curriculum, interdisciplinary learning, and students’ commitment to enhancing their peers’ learning experiences. 

I have explored my interests in both the financial markets and gender equality throughout college. I worked at Goldman Sachs in Investment Management both the summer after my sophomore and junior years and will be returning as a full-time analyst after graduation in New York. During the summer after my freshman year, I worked at RI’s Executive Office of Commerce, in which I researched economic indicators for RI and identified strategies and developed a plan to invigorate the business climate in RI by creating policy improvements. I have also interned at multiple non-profits/organizations that focus on advocating for and researching gender-related policies. During the spring semester of my freshman year, I worked at the Women’s Fund of RI, where I completed research and lobbied for a statewide pregnancy accommodations bill for women in the workplace. I also developed a pay equity toolkit on best family-friendly workplace practices, which was distributed to small businesses in RI. During the spring semester of my junior year, I interned at the Rhode Island Commission on the Status of Women and Girls, where I reviewed the economic status of women in RI and worked on their key statewide initiative to engage employers in investing in proven tactics to advance women in the workplace. 

On campus, I am the co-president of the Econ DUG, have served as the Strategy Director for the BDH Business Team, and have been a research assistant for Professor Wendy Schiller in the political science department since Freshman year. I complete research on the intersection of federalism and gender equality and most recently co-authored an article on the effects of geographic overlap on state and congressional responsiveness to domestic violence. 

I am happy to help with anything - internships, resume critique, pros/cons of double majoring, classes, etc! Feel free to email me.

Academic Interests: Microeconomic policy, inequality, specifically gender inequality, financial economics, american politics

Name: Tyler Levin
Class: Junior (2019)
Concentration: Applied Math: Economics
Also familiar with: I grew up in New Jersey where I went to public high school with my three brothers. Before coming to Brown I knew I wanted to study
economics- a passion I’ve been able to combine with my love of mathematics and problem solving. Brown’s open curriculum has been so helpful in allowing me to fully explore my academic interests.

After my freshman year, I worked as a data analyst for a healthcare
data startup in New York City. Last summer I worked as a summer
analyst, looking at real estate transactions and investments.

I'm happy to help students that are deciding which courses to take
within the Economics department, would like help navigating the
internship search process, or just want someone to look at their

Academic Interests: Game Theory, Finance, Microeconomics, American
and Chinese Politics