Professional Tracks

Summer internships and research experiences can be an important part of your education as an Economics or joint concentrator if your goal is a career in finance, business consulting, and related professions. They can give you a chance to gain relevant experience, and they may also provide insights for subsequent courses and project work at Brown. 

While we do not give course credit for internships, we officially recognize their importance via the optional Professional Track corresponding to each concentration offered by the Economics Department alone or jointly with the Applied Mathematics, Computer Science and Mathematics Departments.

The requirements for the professional tracks include all those of the standard tracks, as well as the following: Students must complete two different two-to-four-month full-time professional experiences, doing work that is related to their concentration programs. Such work is normally done as an internship.

Once the internship is completed, you must have your manager confirm your experience. He/she should send an email to our Academic Program Manager, Angelica Spertini, and state the following:

  • The work performed (what you did)
  • The duration and usual hours worked (per week)

    This is a very cruical step in completing the requirements for the professional track. Please make sure this is done by the beginning of your senior year.

Upon completion of each professional experience, the student must write and upload to ASK a reflective essay about the experience addressing the following prompts, to be approved by the student's concentration advisor:

  • Describe the organization you worked in and the nature of your responsibilities.
  • Which courses were put to use in your work? Which topics, in particular, were important?
  • Are there topics you should have been familiar with in preparation for your summer experience, but are not taught at Brown? What are these topics?
  • What did you learn from the experience that probably could not have been picked up from course work?
  • Is the sort of work you did as part of your internship something you would like to continue doing once you graduate? Explain.
  • Would you recommend your experience to other Brown students? Explain.

Please meet with your advisor at least briefly to discuss your internship experience. Note that the list of advisors may have changed from the time when you signed up for the concentration. Please select a new advisor from the list, if necessary.