Overview of Coursework


POBS1720-S01: Literacy, Culture, and Schooling for the Language Minority Student

Focuses on increasing awareness of the intersection of language and literacy, the sociocultural influences on literacy development, and the application of diverse strategies that support the acquisition of second-language literacy. Combines a theoretical exploration of literacy processes and methodological implications with a clinical requirement of four hours weekly in a second-language field-teaching practicum.

POBS1750-S01: Language, Culture, and Society

Investigates the meanings of language, culture, and society and the interrelationship among them. Examines the functional and dysfunctional uses they can play in public education, particularly from the public school administrators' and teachers' viewpoints. Explores concerns directly related to the nature, quality, and future of English-as-a-Second-Language programs. Reflective activities, lectures, simulations, case studies, role plays, and small group discussions.

POBS2010A-S01: Language Theory and Curriculum Development

Focuses on the application of language theory, methodology, and curriculum development procedures for classes enrolling English language learners. Participants focus on setting appropriate goals and objectives aligned with language and content standard.

POBS2020A-S02: Applied Linguistics for ESL

Focuses on the linguistic development of bilingual children. Addresses three major dimension of language acquisition-linguistic, cognitive and sociocultural-within educational contexts for students of all ages.

POBS2020B-S01: Cross-Cultural Growth and Development

Explores physical, cognitive, social and emotional human development from a cross-cultural perspective. Part one analyzes child-rearing practices in agrarian and industrialized societies.  Part two is based on case studies involving the ethnolinguistic groups in the Providence area, which are studied and discussed with implications for teaching and learning.

POBS2020D-S01: Theories in First and Second Language Acquisition

Theory and current research relating to first and second language acquisition and learning are examined from a pedagogical perspective. Focuses on both learning and teaching a second language.

POBS2120A-S01: ESL Methodology Assessment and Evaluation

An overview of the current principles, practices and approaches that inform assessment and evaluation for English language learners. Participants engage in class activities that duplicate selected assessment approaches and identify strategies for integrating assessment with planning and instruction appropriate to the language proficiency of students. Participants explore assessment research and theoretical background for an understanding of the complexity of evaluating student achievement.