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Master’s Degree in English as a Second Language and Cross-Cultural Studies

This program offers graduate level study in advanced language and ESL training for K-12 education. This graduate degree program does not provide candidates with elementary and secondary teaching certification. It does, however, offer specialization courses in second language acquisition, research and practice. Candidates for this degree may be part-time.  Requirements for ESL Education and Cross-Cultural Studies Curriculum include:

  • POBS 1750: Language, Culture and Society
  • POBS 2010A: Language Theory and Curriculum Development
  • POBS 2020D: Theories in First and Second Language Acquisition
  • POBS 2120A: ESL Methodology Assessment and Evaluation
  • POBS 1720: Literacy, Culture and Schooling for the Language Minority Student
  • POBS 2020A: Applied Linguistics for ESL
  • 2 other related courses to be selected from offerings in Portuguese and Brazilian (POBS 2020E recommeded), Education, Anthropology, Linguistics, Psychology, Sociology, and Latin American Studies.

In addition to their course work, all candidates must complete a Master's Project.