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Meeting the Literacy Development Needs of Adolescent English Language Learners Through Content Area Learning Part Two: Focus on Developing Academic Literacy Habits and Skills Across the Content Areas

Higher numbers of English language learners (ELLs) are enrolling in U.S. middle and high schools than ever before. Content area teachers may now have more ELLs in their classrooms, but may not know how to effectively support the academic achievement of these students. This paper highlights recommended practices that enable content teachers to be responsive to the needs of ELLs, drawn from two areas of research - promoting academic literacy development of adolescents, and effective content area instruction of ELLs in middle and high schools. Eight instructional practices recommended by both areas of research are discussed in detail to help mainstream content area teachers adeptly support the literacy development of their ELL students. This publication was developed in partnership with the Center for Resource Management.

Published 2005 by The Education Alliance at Brown University


Julie Meltzer
Edmund T. Hamann