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Cross-Cultural Communication: An Essential Dimension of Effective Education

Effective strategies are examined to improve cross-cultural communication among students. The Mid-Atlantic Equity Center identifies research that supports effective communication for learning.

Educating All Our Students: Improving Education for Children From Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Backgrounds

Successful instructional strategies for linguistically diverse students are presented in the final report of the National Center for Research on Cultural Diversity and Second Language Learning.

Hispanic-American Students and Learning Style

This digest identifies cultural values that may affect the learning processes of Hispanic-American students, reviews research on the learning styles of Hispanic-American students, and discusses the implications of this research for counseling and teaching Hispanic youth.  Learning styles research is referenced to explain the classroom impact of cultural values for Hispanic-Americans.
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Preparing Teachers for Multicultural Classrooms

Demographic trends in school enrollments indicate the need for multicultural education in preservice teacher preparation.
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Teacher Talk: Enabling ELLs to "Grab On" and Climb High

The January 2004 issue of Perspectives includes this report on strategies used to scaffold writing instruction for first-grade English language learners.
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