Teacher Resources

Language Support for Students in the Home and in School

The Cooperative Learning Center

The Cooperative Learning Center at the University of Minnesota conducts research on and develops resources for the many aspects of cooperative learning.

ESL Standards for Pre-K-12 Students

This document is part of a long-term project by TESOL to improve classroom practice and the quality of education for English language learners.

Center for Research on Education, Diversity & Excellene (CREDE)

CREDE presents guidelines, standards, and indicators for joint productive activity, a cross-cultural strategy to facilitate learning.

Paso Partners - Integrating Mathematics, Science and Language: A Bilingual Instructional Program

This website offers educators of K-grade 3 students easy access to a bilingual curriculum and resource guide. Useful resources include how to access students’ prior knowledge, integrating math, science and language, and vocabulary in Spanish and English. The selected bibliography is slightly dated.

What Teachers Need to Know About Language

This document opens the discussion surrounding the gap that exists between the number of English language learners in the United States and the preparation of teachers in educating those students. Lily Wong Fillmore and Catherine Snow argue that teacher preparation programs should prepare teachers in a more systematic way by providing training in the area of educational linguistics. The paper is theoretical in nature and does not offer concrete suggestions, but does provide a limited glossary of linguistic terms.
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