Teacher Resources

Reading: Grades 4 - 6

Reading Rockets is a national multimedia literacy initiative offering information and resources on how young kids learn to read, why so many struggle, and how caring adults can help.  This website includes information about the most effective ways to teach ELL students (or ESL students), methods for encouraging learning, and ways to promote family involvement. Also visit their bilingual sister site ColorinColorado.org, which is specifically focused on how to help ELL students succeed in school.

Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners

This resource reports the findings of the National Literacy Panel on Language-Minority Children and Youth. The formal charge to the panel-a distinguished group of expert researchers in reading, language, bilingualism, research methods, and education-was to identify, assess, and synthesize research on the education of language-minority children and youth with respect to their attainment of literacy.

Developing Reading and Writing in Second-Language Learners

This book was created as a summary of the full volume, Developing Literacy in Second-Language Learners, reporting the findings of the National Literacy Panel on language-minority children and youth.

Working with Children Who Have Had No Formal Reading Instruction in Their First Language.

Bank Street's Literacy Guide offers suggestions on how to work with ELLs who have had no formal reading instruction in their first language.