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Courses currently offered by the Education department are listed below.  Please visit Brown University's course catalog for additional information about individual courses, instructors, and whether the courses will be offered in the current semester.

*Fall  2019 EDUC course listings can be accessed below as a PDF*

Please also note the PDF below containing Brown University resources for students, including Academic Support Services, Support for Adjustments and Transitions, Student Safety or Conduct Concerns, and Campus Contact Numbers.

For Undergraduate Students (0000-0999)

  • EDUC0400 The Campus on Fire: American Colleges and Universities in the 1960s (First-Year Seminar; Cross-listed in History)
  • EDUC0410B Controversies in American Education Policy: A Multidisciplinary Approach (First-Year Seminar)
  • EDUC0410E Empowering Youth: Insights from Research on Urban Adolescents (First-Year Seminar)
  • EDUC0610 Brown v. Board of Education (Sophomore Seminar; Cross-listed in History)
  • EDUC0800 Introduction to Human Development and Education
  • EDUC0850 History of Intercollegiate Athletics (Cross-listed in History)
  • EDUC0900 Fieldwork and Seminar in Secondary Education


For Both Undergraduate & Graduate Students (1000-1999)

  • EDUC1010 The Craft of Teaching
  • EDUC1020 The History of American Education (Cross-listed in History)
  • EDUC1030 Comparative Education
  • EDUC1035 Decolonizing African Education
  • EDUC1038 Contemporary Indigenous Education in North America
  • EDUC1040 Sociology of Education
  • EDUC1050 History of African-American Education (Cross-listed in History)
  • EDUC1060 Politics and Public Education
  • EDUC1070 Student Teaching (varies by section)
  • EDUC1080 Analysis of Teaching (varies by section)
  • EDUC1090 Adolescent Literature
  • EDUC1100 Introduction to Qualitative Research Methods
  • EDUC1110 Introductory Statistics for Education Research and Policy Analysis (Cross-listed in Public Policy and American Institutions)
  • EDUC1130 Economics of Education I (Cross-listed in Economics and Public Policy and American Institutions)
  • EDUC1150 Education, the Economy and School Reform (Cross-listed in Economics and Public Policy and American Institutions)
  • EDUC1160 Evaluating the Impacts of Social Programs (Cross-listed in Public Policy and American Institutions)
  • EDUC1200 History of American School Reform (Cross-listed in History)
  • EDUC1260 Emotion, Cognition, Education
  • EDUC1270 Adolescent Psychology
  • EDUC1290 From Theory to Practice in Engaged Scholarship: Creating Community-Based Learning Courses
  • EDUC1430 The Psychology of Race, Class, and Gender (Cross-listed in Ethnic Studies)
  • EDUC1450 The Psychology of Teaching and Learning
  • EDUC1560 Philosophy of Education
  • EDUC1580 Cross-Cultural Perspectives on Child Development (Cross-listed in Psychology)
  • EDUC1630 Management and Reform of School Systems for Excellence
  • EDUC1650 Policy Implementation in Education
  • EDUC1690 Literacy, Community and the Arts: Theory into Practice
  • EDUC1710 History and Theories of Child Development (Cross-listed in Psychology)
  • EDUC1720 Urban Schools in Historical Perspective (Cross-listed in History)
  • EDUC1730 American Higher Education in Historical Context (Cross-listed in History)
  • EDUC1740 Academic Freedom on Trial: A Century of Campus Controversies (Cross-listed in History)
  • EDUC1750 Contemporary Social Problems: Views from Human Development and Urban Education (Cross-listed in Psychology)
  • EDUC1770 Student Culture in Higher Education
  • EDUC1850 Moral Development and Education (Cross-listed in Cognitive, Linguistic, & Psychological Sciences)   
  • EDUC1860 Social Context of Learning and Development
  • EDUC1870 Education and Human Development in East Asia
  • EDUC1880 Human Development in the Context of Immigration
  • EDUC1970 Independent Study
  • EDUC1980 Independent Study
  • EDUC1991 Independent Reading and Research
  • EDUC1992 Independent Reading and Research

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For Graduate Students (2000-2999)

  • EDUC2020 Educational Leadership in Diverse Settings: Research, Policy and Practice (Cross-listed in Ethnic Studies, Portuguese and Brazilian Studies and Public Policy and American Institutions)
  • EDUC2060 Methods of Teaching
  • EDUC2070 Student Teaching
  • EDUC2080 Analysis of Teaching
  • EDUC2090 Literacy Across the Curriculum
  • EDUC2110 Summer Practicum and Analysis
  • EDUC2120 Practicum and Seminar in Elementary Education
  • EDUC2140 Methods and Materials of Math, Science, and Technology
  • EDUC2150 Language and Literacy in the Elementary Classroom
  • EDUC2170 Studies in Education
  • EDUC2180 Studies in Education
  • EDUC2270 Student Teaching and Analysis
  • EDUC2280 Seminar: Principles of Learning and Teaching
  • EDUC2300 Systems and Structures in Urban Education
  • EDUC2310 Introduction to Educational Research: Design and Methods
  • EDUC2320 Quantitative Research Methods and Data Analysis
  • EDUC2330 Urban Politics and School Governance
  • EDUC2340 Human Development and Urban Education
  • EDUC2350 Economics of Education II
  • EDUC2360 Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation for Education
  • EDUC2370/2380 Urban Education Policy Internship

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Cross-listed Courses Offered Through Other Departments

  • HIST1973Y Children and Childhood in America, 1640-Present (Offered through the History Department)
  • PHIL0991A Seminar on Ethics, Education, and Fiction (Offered through Philosophy Department)
  • PHIL2160L Seminar on Fiction and the Ethics of Education

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